To the editor:

I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of traffic everywhere since they keep building thousands of condos, townhouses, homes, etc. It seems like they are trying to bring everybody in the world to Atlanta and surrounding towns.

One thing that was a big mistake was Dresden Drive: First of all there was a lot of traffic on Dresden Drive; now they have built all these townhomes on Dresden which are going to cause tons of traffic.

The worst part is that they are so close to the road there is no way to enlarge Dresden Drive.

We have a DeKalb County tax office on Dresden across the street from the new townhouses. It’s hard to get in there now, and it will be worse when all the new homes are finished and people move in. We sure don’t want to lose our tag office. A lot of people cannot get to Decatur. We need this office desperately.

Also, since they have changed all the red lights, this has caused a huge problem. For instance, school buses come down Caldwell Road to turn right on Redding to get to Peachtree Road. The red light coming out of Redding holds entirely too long, causing traffic to back down Redding Road; therefore, the school buses cannot get on Redding to turn right.

We called the county and they came out and changed the lights, but that only lasted about a week, and they came back and changed them back.

Maybe you can do something about this. Most all the streets coming into Peachtree are this way, especially Ashford Dunwoody, Lanier Drive and others down on Peachtree toward Brookhaven.

Hopefully something can be done.

 M.F. Cowan