Rural/Metro Ambulance will continue to provide emergency medical services (EMS) within the city of Sandy Springs.  During its June 17,  the Sandy Springs City Council approved a five-year contract extension with EMS Ventures, Inc., Rural/Metro’s parent company.  Rural/Metro has been the city’s ambulance provider since incorporation in 2005.

“We are talking about a service in which every minute can be the difference between life and death. They not only meet the response times, but also many times beat them.  Rural/Metro has done a phenomenal job of saving lives in Sandy Springs,” said Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul in a press release.

Under the agreement, Rural/Metro must dedicate three full time, 24-hour ambulances and two ambulances in the city for 12 hours a day during peak hours.  Rural/Metro also must meet an eight-minute response time on all emergency calls and a 15-minute response time on all non-emergency calls 90 percent of the time.  In 2013, Rural/Metro responded to 9,415 calls for emergency medical service with an average six minutes and 49 seconds response time.

In approving the contract, the City Council elected to decrease the city’s annual subsidy for service.  The city currently pays an annual $450,000 in annual added support. Under the new agreement, thecCity will pay Rural/Metro $120,000 annually to ensure the current dedication of staffing, equipment and response time.  Patients who use the EMS services will see an increase in fees for those services; however, the cost for EMS care remains below similar services among other North Fulton municipalities.