The California company that wants to operate a home in Dunwoody to treat teenage girls with eating disorders will appeal a city board’s decision against the home, the company’s lawyer says.
“We are proceeding with an appeal,” lawyer Josh Belinfante said in an email.
A divided Dunwoody Zoning Appeals Board voted June 16 that the city made a mistake when it said the home on Manget Way could be used for the program.
The board voted 4-3 to sustain an appeal brought by residents of the street to overturn a city staff member’s decision that the home, proposed by California-based Center for Discovery, could operate legally in an area of the city zoned for residences.
Residents claim the home would be a medical treatment facility and not a personal care home. Personal care homes are allowed in a residential area under Dunwoody’s zoning rules, but medical treatment facilities are not.
Appeals of the board’s decisions go to DeKalb Superior Court.

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