The groups behind the proposed cities of Lakeside and Briarcliff announced that they will pursue city status together at a meeting of the DeKalb Government Operations Task Force on July 2, according to a report in Decaturish.

“We’re dating right now,” Lakeside City Alliance Chairwoman Mary Kay Woodworth said, standing next to City of Briarcliff Initiative member Allen Venet. “We’re not married yet. We’re not engaged.”

During the 2014 legislative session three groups – Briarcliff, Lakeside and Tucker – pushed for incorporation of a new city in north DeKalb County. If the Legislature had approved those bills, the cityhood question would’ve been placed on the ballot in 2014. The bills for those cities didn’t pass because of a shorter-than-usual legislative session due to the new elections calendar. The maps for each of the cities overlapped, creating competition among the three groups.

It would be easier to pass a bill for the combined cities of Briarcliff and Lakeside in 2015, assuming the two groups decide to stick together.

Woodworth said July 2 was the first time the two cityhood groups made their status as a couple official.

“We’ve been talking for months about our effort, and just the importance of being able to create a city in our community,” Woodworth said. “We talked last year as well and finally said, ‘Let’s do it. Let us support getting this city done.’”

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