A California company seeking to open a home-based treatment program in Dunwoody has appealed to DeKalb Superior Court a city board’s decision against the Manget Way facility.
The Center for Discovery wants to open a treatment program for teenage girls with eating disorders. The company now is asking that a judge overturn the Dunwoody Zoning Board of Appeals’ decision against the project, order the city to pay the company’s legal fees in the case and approve the use of the property for the facility.
“Every step of the way, the city could have upheld its ordinances, but it chose not to,” the company’s appeal says.
The ZBA voted 4-3 on June 16 that the city made a mistake when it said the home could house the company’s treatment program.
The appeal, filed July 11, says residents on Manget Way waited too long to challenge a city decision allowing the home. City laws require their appeal to be filed within 30 days, the company says, but “the zoning appeal giving rise to this review was filed at least 98 days after the zoning decision in question.”
The appeal paperwork also says neighbors who challenged the city decision did not show they would suffer special damage from the home.
Company officials have said the home would be limited to six patients at any one time and should be considered a personal care home, which is allowed in residential areas. Residents who object have said the company wants to operate a medical treatment facility, which is not allowed in residential areas.

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