What constitutes a big sign in Dunwoody?
A really, really big sign?
How about one covering 4,800 square feet?
Dunwoody City Council on July 14 was presented a request for a sign that big to announce the planned AJC Dunwoody Wine Fest. The Atlanta Journal Constitution proposes hanging a vinyl banner that is 60 feet tall and 80 feet wide on the side of its building at 223 Perimeter Center Parkway.
“I did a double take when I read your memo,” Councilman Terry Nall told Community Development Director Steve Foote. “4,800 square feet? This must be a typo.”
Foote said it wasn’t. He said he brought the proposal to the council because the city code allows him to approve temporary signs for special events that measured up to 60 square feet.
John Levinson, AJC sponsorship marketing manager, said the newspaper wanted a really big sign in order to get some attention for its first-time event.
“You want to be as bold as you can,” he told the council.
Several council members seemed awed by the sheer size of the sign, which the AJC asked to display from Sept. 2 until Oct. 14.
“Wow,” Councilman Denny Shortal said. “That’s just too big and [on display for] too long.”
“It’s so big…,” Councilwoman Lynn Deutsch said. “I really don’t think it bothers anybody. I just think this is very large.”
Councilman Jim Riticher looked around the council chambers and did some quick calculations. “It’s three times the size of this room,” he said.
Several council members asked the newspaper’s representatives to consider a smaller sign that would be displayed for a shorter period.
But Councilman John Heneghan pointed out that the 4,800-square-foot sign was intended to be seen by passengers on the MARTA station platform and MARTA trains the pass by the newspaper’s office building.
“I would love to have seen a photo from the MARTA platform to see what the size is [in context],” Heneghan said. “That might be the right size.”

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