Voters head back to the polls July 22 to choose the Republican nominee for a Buckhead-based seat in the state Legislature and other party nominees.

Beth Beskin led the field of four candidates in the May 20 Republican Primary election for the nomination to represent District 54 in the state House of Representatives.

The seat had been held by Rep. Ed Lindsey, who did not seek re-election while running unsuccessfully for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Lindsey recently resigned the seat to take a post with a new state committee studying transportation funding.

Beskin claimed 49.9 percent of the 4,143 votes cast in the primary election and nearly won the nomination outright. But Georgia requires winning candidates to collect more than half the votes cast in a race, so Beskin found herself in a runoff with fellow candidate John McCloskey, who received about 30 percent of the votes on May 20.

McCloskey announced after the initial vote that he was suspending his campaign and would back Beskin. But both candidates’ names will appear on the July 22 ballot, so Beskin has not given up her campaign.

The winner of the Republican runoff will face Democrat Bob Gibeling in the November election.

A third candidate also is seeking to be included in the race for the District 54 seat as an independent candidate. Bill Bozarth said he has submitted a petition to be included on the ballot in November.

Voters in the Republican runoff also will choose the party’s nominees for the U.S. Senate, State School Superintendent and U.S. House. Voters in the Democratic Party runoff will choose a State School Superintendent nominee.

Registered voters who did not vote in the Democratic Primary on May 20 may vote in the Republican runoff, according to the secretary of state’s office. Registered voters who did not vote in the Republican Primary may vote in the Democratic runoff.

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