Even at half its original proposed size, the temporary sign seemed too much for some on Dunwoody City Council. But the 50-percent reduction was enough for others. On July 28, a divided council approved a 2,400-square-foot advertisement promoting the AJC Dunwoody Wine Fest.
The council voted 3-2 to allow the 60-by-40-foot sign hang on the side of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s building from Sept. 15 until Oct. 14. The newspapers originally had requested a 4,800-square-foot sign to promote the wine festival.
“It’s just not the look and feel of Dunwoody,” said Councilman Terry Nall, who voted against the sign, as did Councilman Denny Shortal.
Mayor Mike Davis and Councilmen Doug Thompson and Jim Riticher voted to approve it. Councilwoman Lynn Deutsch and Councilman John Heneghan were absent from the meeting.
Riticher argued that the sign was within the Perimeter area of the city and would not be seen from residential areas.
“If it turns out this is very unpopular, maybe we’ll learn a lesson,” he said. “I just don’t think it’ll be the visual disaster some think.”

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