Becky Arbiv
Becky Arbiv

Student Profile: Becky Arbiv, Rising sophomore, The Weber School

On April 26, Becky Arbiv made history for The Weber School, winning the 2014 GISA AAA State Championship in the 300m hurdles.

“She was the only athlete that The Weber School took to the state meet and she won the first- ever state track championship for our school,” Coach Tyrone Sawyer said.

Not only did Becky win the championship, but she also set school records for volleyball and basketball. Most students don’t reach these types of accomplishments until their junior or senior year, but Becky did it as a freshman.

Becky was born in Australia, has lived in Chicago and Philadelphia, and moved to the Atlanta area when she was 3. She says sports have always played a major role in her life. “As a little kid, I was extremely active and was always running around,” Becky said. When she was young, she played little league gymnastics, basketball, soccer and tee ball.

Becky may be the epitome of “practice makes perfect.” She says, “I practice every day for either pole vault, basketball, volleyball or just all around working out. Every day I watch countless videos of professional athletes to refine my technique and get better. On the weekends I spend about eight hours pole vaulting, and I love every second of it.”

Although Becky continuously practices, she says she would not have made it far without the support of her coaches and mother. “My mom and my coaches are my biggest influences because they help and support me through everything, and give me input on my performances,” she said.

Becky’s success isn’t confined to just sports. She is a part of Weber’s student council, and the Junior State of America Club. She also likes to read and play the guitar.

Her coach says Becky can look forward to a bright future. “Becky is extremely humble in all of the success she has had,” Sawyer said. “She motivates her teammates through her great work ethic. Becky is truly genuine and will continue to accomplish great things.”

What’s Next:

Becky hopes to compete in the Olympics and one day become a surgeon.

This article was reported and written by Zani Nobles, a student at Riverwood International Charter School.