Republican Fulton County lawmakers, including Rep. Wendell Willard from Sandy Springs, have filed suit to block the county commission from increasing property taxes, according to a press release from Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones (R-Milton). Filed in Fulton Superior Court, the lawsuit comes on the heels of yesterday’s 4-3 vote to raise taxes.

“We regret having to take this action, but the Fulton County Commission voted to increase property taxes contrary to state law and property taxpayers’ best interests,” Jones said in the release. Jones is referring to a law passed in 2013 preventing any tax hikes until 2015.

The other lawmakers involved in the suit are Reps. Harry Greisinger (Roswell), Lynne Riley (Johns Creek) Joe Wilkinson (Atlanta), Chuck Martin (Alpharetta), and former Rep. Edward Lindsey.

The commissioners adopted millage rate of 11.781 mills, the first rate increase for the General Fund since 1991. The budget includes $625,426,997 for a wide range of services, including $61 million for Grady Health System, $5.75 million for capital improvements, $25 million for operation of libraries, and $246 million for the Fulton County Justice System.