The Dunwoody City Council provided some respite for residents of the Dunwoody Club Forest subdivision in deciding to postpone a vote concerning the fate of one corner lot in the neighborhood, where a developer seeks to build two homes.

A crowd of homeowners and supporters came to the Aug. 11 city council meeting in support of their official appeal to reverse staff’s approval of a revised final plat for Lot 17 in the subdivision, located at 5258 Vernon Lake Drive.

Homeowner Eleanor Goodwin said she is concerned about rain runoff drainage, which she said the proposed “out of scale” homes will add stress to her property.

Several homeowners said they wanted to maintain the aesthetic of their subdivision and uphold the original covenants protecting their neighborhood from developer subdividing lots. These covenants expired in the early 1990s.

President of the Dunwoody Club Forest Homeowners Association Erica Harris during public comment asked the audience members to stand if they lived in the subdivision and more than half of those seated stood up.

New homes built on the subdivided lot won’t necessarily sell well, Harris said, especially if the design is “out of context for the neighborhood.”

Kyle Williams, a lawyer for the developer, said the plat has been approved and the details of set backs and drainage can be worked out still.

“We have followed your rules,” he said to the council. “We have vested rights.”

Harris referred to the Club Forest subdivision as a “jewel of Dunwoody,” and asked the council for its discretion. She said the setting of precedence frightens her, and called what she imagines the developer will build next to Goodwin’s home a “monstrosity.”

“It may be legal, but is it moral?” Goodwin asked the council. “Is it right?”

Councilman John Heneghan started council discussion by asking for two more weeks to make a final decision so he could review more of the documents concerning the initial application.

“We need additional information,” councilman Jim Riticher concurred, asking rhetorically is “this something we want in Dunwoody?”

The city council agreed to defer the vote until Aug. 25, and an audible sigh erupted as residents began filing out of the meeting.

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