By Capt. Steve Rose
Sandy Springs Police Department

The following information was provided by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records through Aug. 1 and is presumed to be accurate.


6900 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On July 22, officers were called to a carjacking at an apartment complex just before midnight. A woman had been shot in the abdomen. She was being attended by EMS personnel and was later transported to North Fulton Hospital. She will recover. Her husband, also at the scene, said she picked him up from his work on Roswell Road, and when they arrived home in the parking lot, two men approached them and got into the driver’s seat. The woman hit him with her purse to keep him from closing the door. The suspect then fired two shots—one hitting her. The two suspects fled in the victim’s car. Detectives are working leads on this but no arrests yet.


100 block of Greyfield Lane 30350 – On July 19, someone burglarized the leasing office, taking two computers. Entry was made by breaking the glass on a side window; on July 21 the resident said the leasing office was burglarized during closed hours.

6200 block of Barfield Road 30328 – On July 19, an office was burglarized and $132 cash was taken from a desk.


1st block of Concourse Parkway 30328 – On July 20, an officer was checking the parking lot of the Concourse just after midnight when he came upon five persons in a car. The officer smelled marijuana and conducted a field interview to see what was going on. During the interview, he found a loaded weapon that was stolen in 1996. The officer also found a backpack with several bottles of Schedule 3 and 4 narcotics. The man who owned these items was later arrested.

4600 block of Roswell Road – About 7:40 a.m. an officer spotted a man and woman walking on Roswell Road. The man was yelling at passing cars and “flipping them off” as they walked. He did the same to bus passengers at the bus stop. The officer noted the woman was yelling at the man, but the man was flipping off everything in sight. The officer spoke to him, noting that the man was in a “combative” stance. The officer asked if he had any weapons. He said he had a knife. The officer instructed him to sit on the ground and hand over the knife. The man said “he didn’t sit for anyone.” The officer arranged for the man to sit, this time with handcuffs. He was later arrested for disorderly conduct. The woman said they had been up all night drinking. She had known him for only a month and it sounded like she wasn’t going to stay up to get him out of jail.

3600 block of Spring Creek Lane – An officer responded to a suspicious-person call just before 8 a.m. He located a man matching the description, reported to be trying door handles on a car in the parking lot. He found the man and noted he was acting strangely. He noticed the man had fresh punctures in his arms. The man said he had just shot up drugs in one of the apartments. The man had a stolen credit card in his pocket and admitted charging $60 on it. He was later arrested.


A woman reported that she went to her boyfriend’s, to go to the lake. He was angry over an argument the night before when they were both out having some beverages. As she arrived, he met her at her car, and hit her on the head with a beer can, and then walked back into his residence. Officers received a later call and found that the woman returned to the scene to find her cat, which had absconded during the first argument, and the woman was again struck by the offender—this time with a fist. She had an injury to her eye and was treated by EMS. The offender fled the location when officers arrived. That case is pending investigation.

5600 block of Kingsport Drive 30342 – On July 27, cops were called to meet a man who had been assaulted (broken nose) after an argument with his roommate whom he referred to as a drug dealer. The victim (intoxicated) said the suspect was mad because he (victim) was spending time with his girlfriend and not at their residence. The two were in a previous fight, and it was noted that everyone was drinking too much. The officers finally determined who the aggressor was, and it turned out to be the complainant, so he was arrested.

On July 28, officers met a woman at North Fulton Hospital who reported that she was assaulted by her former boyfriend at his home on Woodcliff Drive. She explained that they had a very tumultuous relationship here and previously in New Jersey. The ex has left several voice mails of a threatening nature, and has done damage to her new apartment, including throwing a table off the balcony, almost hitting children playing below. He has also threatened her current boyfriend. The victim had several physical injuries, and the case has now been sent over to detectives for follow up.

Other Things

900 block of Johnson Ferry Road – Cops were called after a man and parking attendant disputed over the fee owed. The driver of the car thought the doctor’s office covered the parking, but in fact it discounted $4 of $6 dollars, leaving a $2 balance, which didn’t sit well with the guy in the car. The supervisor came over and apparently things didn’t go any better, with some reported hand-slapping and other nonsense. The cops couldn’t determine an aggressor so they told everyone to go their separate ways.

8700 block of Dunwoody Place – A 56-year-old man said that on July 31 about 1 p.m., he walked under a tree and heard a crack, which caused him to look up in time to see a tree limb falling. He said the limb struck his right arm. He said there was a big, green truck parked on the road next to the sidewalk and the tree. He said when the truck left, it struck the tree, causing the limb to fall, thus hitting him in the arm. The man, who had no visible injury, told the officer he wanted to report the incident so the company who owns the green truck will pay him.