Brookhaven city officials are asking the State Charter Schools Commission for more time to answer questions about the proposed Brookhaven Innovation Academy after commission staff notified the city on Aug. 18 that it would recommend denial of the charter school.

According to a press release from the city, the BIA board has made progress in developing programs, financial planning and community partnerships since the application was first submitted in May, but commission procedures have not permitted staff to consider the updates.

“Unfortunately, our application may be too unique for the bureaucratic process under which the State Charter School Commission has to operate,” Councilman Bates Mattison said in the press release. “What is clearly unique and innovative is being treated as radical. It’s as though our application is too innovative – it’s a square peg trying to fit through a process that’s a round hole.”

The city submitted a letter to the commission’s staff on Aug. 20 asking for an opportunity to address its concerns and to delay until September a vote on the school’s status. The commission is now scheduled to vote Aug. 27.

Ann Marie Quill

Ann Marie Quill is Associate Editor at Reporter Newspapers.