Grant Williams

Grant Williams, a senior at The Galloway School, excels as a student, not only in terms of grades, but also as an active participant in school life.

Grant has been a member of student government since his freshman year, and this school year he will take on the role of student body president. “I love my school,” he says, “and I can make it better.”

Grant acknowledges that many past presidents have been ineffective in their role due to creating goals that were too broad to result in any real change for the school. He plans to make “specific and simple changes” to improve the daily life of his classmates.

Grant is also a leader at Galloway’s school newspaper, working as the newspaper’s editor. As a sophomore, Grant initially decided to take the journalism class because he enjoyed writing and his brother had taken the class. He says he likes being on the newspaper staff because he is able to provide the students and faculty at Galloway with news of what is happening all over campus.

Aside from the basic writing experience, Grant learned how to collaborate with a team to efficiently produce a paper. He has also learned the importance of considering a variety of different perspectives on a topic to obtain a comprehensive understanding of it.

In addition to his academic activities, Grant spends much of his time fencing. He first became interested in the sport through his interest in knights and sword fighting, an interest he and his older brother shared. Soon after his mother signed his brother up for fencing, Grant followed in his brother’s footsteps. He says he loves fencing because of the physical and mental requirements of the game. He enjoys the intellectual aspect of anticipating his opponent’s moves while also having to execute a counterattack maneuver. “There nothing like making a correct prediction and scoring a point,” Grant says.

In his spare time, Grant has partnered with his girlfriend to create and manage their film company Button Down Productions. Grant says he has loved movies since he was young, and in middle school, he began producing movies for school projects.

Lexi Fields, Grant’s teacher since freshman year, remarks that he has a “true talent and passion for videography.” Fields says that Grant uses his skills to create “beautiful and powerful videos for a myriad of purposes.”

Grant says he gradually improved his skills and decided he could build a successful company using his filming talents. Now, his company produces promotional videos for local businesses and schools.

What’s Next:

Grant is looking for colleges with fencing and journalism programs. He hopes to pursue a media career and is considering working as a video journalist.

This article was written by Elizabeth Harvey, a student at The Westminster School.