Arts center a ‘no’

To the editor:

I agree with both our former mayor and Susan Joseph [“Galambos: Arts center affordable?” Sandy Springs Reporter, Aug. 8-21, and]

This proposed project is too big, too expensive and not necessary. They overdid the Abernathy Greenway with over-the-top rock work and too large a scale hardscape. (I’m all for green space but this small park cost $11 million!)

Now they want to erect a monument to the arts when there is not a need in our area. We have a ton of places to go to within an 8-mile radius. Please be better stewards of our tax dollars or there is a good chance you may get voted out at the next election. We are tired of our representatives not listening to their constituents.

Dianne Smith

Support what we have

To the editor:

I serve as managing artistic director for Atlanta Theatre-to-Go, a nonprofit Sandy Springs theatre company, and have reservations about the proposed Performing Arts Center.

The City Hall presentation was impressive, but I am left with the question: Who is this center being built for? We in the arts community need rehearsal space and an intimate theater seating of about 200 to 300 for our performances. We don’t need a 1,000-seat facility, which probably won’t pay for itself.

A case in point: ArtSSpring performances. For many years, my company donated theatrical performances for the annual spring event. However, we had to find our own venue in which to present them. We should be able to present city events in city spaces, and not scramble for church facilities.

None of the renderings I saw included the flexibility of closing the large 1,000-seat theater into smaller spaces. Nor did I see rehearsal space, such as they have at the Southwest Arts Center.

Sandy Springs has a vibrant arts community. Why not support what we have, rather than engage in erecting grandiose structures which offer style, but not substance?

Sondra Ilgenfritz

Galambos is spot on

To the editor:

Dr. Galambos’ letter [“Galambos: Arts center affordable?” Sandy Springs Reporter, Aug. 8-21] questioning the affordability of a 750-plus seat performing arts center is spot on and makes me wish she was still in charge.

Optimizing the use of a City Council chamber to adapt it for theater use is consistent with the premise out of which the city arose – smaller and efficient local government. A city-built, run and financed performing arts center, redundant of other local venues, is not.

Here’s an idea: spend a fraction of that money for a portrait of Mayor Galambos to hang in the City Council chamber to remind those entrusted with our tax dollars why we formed this city in the first place, leave the building of 1,000-seat theaters to the private sector, and send the consultants packing to go spend some other community’s taxes.

David M. Monde

Keep our city as is

To the editor:

Our former mayor and several citizens [“Galambos: Arts center affordable?” Sandy Springs Reporter, Aug. 8-21] have captured the essence of why we formed Sandy Springs. People like our first mayor worked hard on behalf of the citizens. Let’s keep our community as designed.

Government serves the citizens, and taking on corporate needs or excessive funding of agendas is not what the majority voted for. I support the arts. I think Eva Galambos eloquently, factually and intelligently describes why men and women like her worked tirelessly to create the city of Sandy Springs.

James Miller

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