Four candidates qualified in August for the District 2 City Council election on Nov. 4 to replace Councilman Jim Eyre, who resigned from the post earlier this year. To introduce you to the candidates, we asked them to tell us a little about themselves, why they are running, and their main goals if elected. Stay tuned to future editions for more on the candidates.

Charlie Barry

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in New York and moved to the Atlanta area when I was about 7 years old. I went to the University of Alabama for college and graduated with a degree in public relations. I came back to Atlanta and attended John Marshall Law School. I graduated, passed the bar, and now practice law just down the road in Buckhead. I am a personal injury attorney and represent injured persons.

I’ve lived in Brookhaven for about two years. I live on Dresden Drive with my wife Malloree and one-year-old son, Jack. His favorite park is Skyland Park.

Why are you running for office?

I want to run because I want to make a positive difference in my community, and I believe that being a leader during City Council meetings is the most effective way to do that. I am skilled in working though problems and reaching resolution. I have a law degree which, basically, is a three-year degree in dispute resolution. I competed, and then coached, my school’s negotiations team and brought us to the national final four. I understand the need to listen to people and the value in different opinions. If you don’t listen to others, you’ll reach the wrong conclusion. There has to be a meeting of the minds.

In my day job as a personal injury attorney, I resolve disputes and advocate for my clients. I find that lines up nicely with what a councilman must do. There are many competing interests in a community when tackling the issues of our day. All residents of Brookhaven need their voices heard, and District 2 needs an advocate for that voice. I want to be that

I also love my community and the people here. I want to see more neighbors helping neighbors, and I want to know my neighbors, not just the ones who live next door. I’d like to see the city host more community events that bring us all together in positive and healthy ways.

What is your top goal if elected?

Serve the needs of the residents of Brookhaven regarding the issues that face us as a city. Based on my conversations with some residents, the need for green space, protection of parks and trees, and smart growth in any new development projects are key issues. My goal regarding this delicate balance is to protect the green space that gives Brookhaven its beauty and allure. A healthy and vibrant ecosystem surrounding our city gives many benefits: increased health and wellness from use of the parks and green spaces, more attractive atmosphere that attracts new residents and businesses, as well as an overall sense of happiness and wellbeing. There seems to be little downside to protecting the areas.

Also, while indeed, issues change, valuing correct principles does not. Regardless of which issue is before the council, I will approach it the same way I approach my campaign, with honesty, integrity, industry and frugality. I will work hard and focus my energy on helping determine the best possible solution. I will avoid proposals for tax increases and unnecessary spending.

Bill Brown

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a retired executive from the financial service industry, where I spent 20+ years overseeing the distribution of products such as bonds, mutual funds and insurance instruments. We relocated to the Brookhaven community in 1997, and I moved to District 2 in 2008. An entrepreneur, I started and operate a small gastro-pub in Town Brookhaven called “There” that provides jobs to over 20 local residents. It’s a true local business, funded locally and built locally with Brookhaven labor. I have an 8-year-old daughter, Audrey, who attends The Galloway School, and I live on the Dresden corridor.

Why are you running for office?

As a small business owner, I would like to see the city of Brookhaven attract more small- to mid-size businesses. Business gets business. The entrepreneurs, the “mom and pop” operations, are the backbone of America. It’s the small businesses that make America great, providing jobs to local residents, stimulating the local economy.

What is your top goal if elected?

I have a high visibility in the city and am available for the people. When elected, I will work closely with the council and the chamber to attract additional small business and commerce to Brookhaven, and work with the local neighborhoods to enhance beatification projects so they may retain their charm, preserving green spaces and trees. The recent tree ordinance passed by the council is disappointing, and I feel it can be modified to strike a balance that will keep both sides happy.

Tim Nama

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve lived in Brookhaven my entire life; I was born and raised here. I grew up on West Nancy Creek Drive in the house that my mother still lives in today. I went to Montgomery Elementary followed by Marist for high school. After graduating from college I’ve lived in Brookhaven Heights and Ashford Park, where I now currently reside with my wife Stacey, son Miller, and daughters Dru and Cail.

I am a home builder and have been for the past 20 years. I’ve been an active participant in the Brookhaven community through several projects that I’ve worked on at Ashford Park Elementary as well as Briarwood Park. I’ve served on the DeKalb County Permit Task Force, Citizens for North DeKalb, Brookhaven Yes, and most recently as chairman of the Brookhaven Zoning Board of Appeals. My wife and I are raising our family here and believe in being actively involved in our community.

Why are you running for office?

I’m running for the vacant District 2 city council seat because our district has been without representation for too long. As the new councilman, working with our city government and the community, I will work toward accountability and can bring focus to achieving the promises that were made when we became a city: great parks, strong, forward thinking and planning, and effective policing. I know I can effectively represent our district with a voice that is going to be heard by the council. As the only Brookhaven native in the race, I understand both the current and historical issues facing the residents of District 2, and I can provide the effective representation we deserve.

What is your top goal if elected?

I was an advocate for the city of Brookhaven from the beginning and I believe there are promises that have not yet been fulfilled. I pitched local control of police, parks and planning to my friends and neighbors, and still believe in those goals. My top goal if elected would be to bring the initial direction of our city back to the council and make good on the promises to all of the residents of Brookhaven. We need to perfect the quality of life services that the city was sold on before we continue to branch out into further endeavors.

John Park

Tell us a little about yourself.

I came to America 34 years ago and I have fallen in love with the country that gave me and my family so much. Now a software engineer, I’ve worked as a technical consultant for bioterrorism and emergency preparedness at the CDC, and as a web strategy consultant at Computer Sciences Corp.

I’ve lived in Ashford Park for over seven years with my wife, Morgan Harris, and my parents, Jun Ro and Jung Soon Park. We foster dogs for rescue organizations. I also founded Nuesoft FC, an amateur soccer club in Atlanta, and was one of the main organizers of this year’s Atlanta Soccerfest, which drew over 15,000 people to Brookhaven Park.

Why are you running for office?

I chose this area for the same reasons that we all did: Excellent schools. Great parks. Friendly people. My neighbors and I are concerned with the livability of our neighborhoods, including parks and green space.

I want for us as a community to find the right balance between home building and retaining the natural beauty of our district. This includes responsible development, preserving the tree canopy and improving the great parks in our neighborhoods.

What is your top goal if elected?

To maintain and improve the livability of our neighborhoods.

A series of small successes can lead to a grand accomplishment. If elected, I will propose small, attainable projects such as connecting Ashford Park to Drew Valley with a path so that the two communities can safely travel to and enjoy all the parks in the district without getting into a car. I look forward to engaging Chamblee to connect Ashford Park to Keswick Park to Blackburn Park which is already connected via Nancy Creek Trail to Murphey Candler Park. I call it the Brookhaven Beltline.

Another goal – actually a pledge – is to be accessible and accountable to my future constituents. I currently have open houses every Sunday evening from 6 to 8 at my home (2997 Skyland Drive NE) and I will continue them monthly if elected. My personal cellphone number is 404-822-7059 and my personal email address is

Ann Marie Quill

Ann Marie Quill is Associate Editor at Reporter Newspapers.