Dozens of students from Mount Vernon Presbyterian School honored the Sept. 11 National Day of Service by volunteering at the Sandy Springs Library. Students planted flowers, pulled weeds and hauled and layed down mulch. Their efforts were organized by Sandy Springs resident Sylvia McAdams, who is working to improve the library’s grounds following cuts in services.

Mount Vernon third-graders collect weeds.
Mount Vernon 11th-graders Epi Yonas (left) and Jacob Munoz do a little raking.
Mount Vernon 11th-grader Emily Hollis (left) and 12th-grader Arden Tahtinen empty mulch from a wheelbarrow.
From left, Mount Vernon third-graders Curran Jolly, Zack Betz and Brooks Scarborough lay down mulch at the Sandy Springs Library.
From left, Mount Vernon Presbyterian third-graders Cate Jacobson, Nina Brooks, Sydney Tiffin and Lauren Dove help plant flowers.
Students from Mount Vernon, along with teacher Chris Andres, helped improve the grounds at the Sandy Springs Library on Sept. 11, the National Day of Service.
Mount Vernon Presbyterian third-graders help plant flowers in front of the Sandy Springs Library sign.