By Capt. Steve Rose, SSPD

The following incidents and arrests are some but not all of the reports filed with SSPD over the listed period, dated through Aug. 22.

The following information was provided by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


Mount Vernon and Dupree Road 30328 – On Aug. 16 a 35-year old man said he was car jacked around 3 a.m. at the intersection. He was driving on Powers Ferry Road south of Mt. Vernon when a car passed him and then stopped in front of him. A man got out, pulled a gun and then took his iPhone, wallet and $400 cash. The victim was ordered out of the car and the suspect drove off. The car was later found on North Devereux Court. The cops were able to pull several fingerprints from the car.

4500 block of Roswell Road 30342 – On Aug. 20, a 34-year-old woman reported that around 9:30 p.m. she was in the parking lot of Popeye’s Chicken, after driving across the street from Walgreen’s where she made a purchase. A man approached asking for change and then reached inside her car in an attempt to steal her Walgreen’s bag, which contained candy and a Red Bull drink. She pushed him and drove off. The man ran. He was recognized as a local homeless man who frequently panhandles for money in front of Popeye’s. He is known by other homeless people in the area. He’ll be picked up and charged. The woman received a cut on her arm.


1000 block of Brentwood Way 30350 – On Aug. 16, sometime between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., someone door-kicked the resident’s apartment. At the time of the report, nothing was missing, but the apartment had been rummaged through. Pill bottles were found on the floor and the victim’s things were tossed around, showing evidence that someone was looking for something. Unfortunately for the resident, the officer found that she was wanted in Henderson County for Transporting Tools for Forgery/Counterfeiting. The warrant was issued in February of last year.

300 block of Winding River Drive 30350 – On Aug. 17, the resident took the trash out and someone came in and took his Asus Intel i5 custom computer tower, Acer monitor and a Nexis tablet. The victim’s roommate was at home in her room, but said she did not hear anything. An office was burglarized and $132 cash was taken from a desk.

500 block of Heards Ferry Drive 30328 – On Aug. 18, sometime between 7:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m., someone entered the home that was involved in construction, and stole a number of tools.

8340 Roswell Road 30350 – On Aug. 19 at 5:58 a.m., the gas station manager called police and said someone shattered a front door and entered the business, and took $1,000 from the cash register.

200 block of River Springs Drive 30328 – On Aug. 19, a resident who was gone from Aug. 14 to Aug. 19 reported that someone entered by forcing a rear door. Police said the burglar tried to enter the front door by breaking a side window and reaching in, but was not successful. Evidence of another unsuccessful attempt was found in the carport. It appears the burglar finally tried and forced the back door. A laptop and digital camera are missing. The man said he returned home and found several items in the home were gone. He discovered the bedroom window was open and the screen gone.

5900 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On Aug. 20, someone shattered the glass front of a cellphone store and took a $200 phone. He tried to take a television from the wall, but managed to only damage it and the wall. Video showed a man with facial hair, wearing gloves, baseball hat, a long-sleeve hooded shirt, jeans and white shoes, throw a rock to shatter the glass. He had a mark on the back of his neck, possibly a tattoo. He left in a black sedan with silver or aluminum wheels.

1700 block of Marlborough Drive 30350 – On Aug. 20, the resident said as he returned home, and as he was pulling up to the house, he saw a man walking out of his front door. The man walked past the resident and said something to the effect “Am working here” and then ran. The resident discovered several pieces of jewelry missing.

6500 block of Whispering Trail 30328 – On Aug. 20, someone opened a side door to a home and gained entry, subsequently taking items from the home. A witness said a burglary was committed in July, when a white box truck was seen. The witness said he followed the truck through several streets before it left the neighborhood on that day. He said earlier on this date, he saw a white pickup truck. The truck had a camper shell on it. The case was sent to detectives for follow up.

1st block of Long Island Drive 30342 – On Aug. 21, a homeowner said someone entered the vacant home by forcing a rear door. A Wolf oven was taken.


1000 block of Johnson Ferry Road 30342 – On Aug. 16, a woman reported her Betty Boop purse was stolen from a hospital room. A worker later found the purse in a trash can, but her bank card and $100 cash were missing. She immediately called to cancel the cards. No activity was found on the card.

6300 block of Powers Ferry Road 30328 – On Aug. 17, a man reported that he was at a bar and briefly left his iPhone on the table unattended. The phone was taken. Later, the phone showed, via GPS, that it was in Kennesaw. No further tracking was found on it.

9400 block of Roberts Drive 30350 – On Aug. 18, a cellphone was taken from the apartment pool area, after it was left unattended momentarily.

1100 block of Mount Vernon Highway 30328 – On Aug. 19, a 26-year old man said his iPhone was stolen from the basketball court area of a gym. The GPS later located the phone on Memorial Drive.

6000 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 – On Aug. 20, an employee of a counseling center said someone snatched a cash box, normally kept unlocked in a drawer. The box was found under a table in the waiting room with $85 missing.

6200 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 – On Aug. 20, a U-Haul truck was taken from a hotel sometime between 11:30 p.m. and 10 a.m. the following morning.

1000 block of Gettysburg Place 30350 – On Aug. 21, a resident said she thinks her neighbor took several OxyContin pills from her bathroom medicine cabinet.


A 60-year old man said someone used his MasterCard information to purchase two round-trip plane tickets from Chicago to Florida in the amount of $736. He was able to pull the names of the two people, which were turned over to detectives.

7700 block of Spalding Drive – A grocery store reported that on Aug. 17, employees were presented with and cashed checks for $423, $453, $437 and $445 respectively, before being informed by the bank the checks were fraudulent.

7500 block of Roswell Road –- On Aug. 17, a grocery store reported that someone came in and purchased a money order for $1,000 using real and counterfeit money. The manager of the store found $460 in counterfeit $20 bills.

A man reported that he briefly lost his wallet in Boston around Aug. 6, but it was located and returned. He found out that someone made some online purchases, which totaled $375 on his card.

A man reported that he received a bill for $2,600 for five Verizon cellphones. The bill was addressed to his father’s home in Staten Island, New York, and this lead him to think one of his relatives may be the culprit.

A 27-year-old woman said someone used her Social Security number to file taxes in 2010.

A woman reported that someone opened an account with a diamond retailer, but never made a purchase.

A 66-year-old woman said she noticed that on at least two checks, the payee name was changed from the store to which she mailed it to an individual, and cashed. The amount was only $40, and was for a monthly payment.

A 62-year-old caretaker said she received a call from India from a woman who convinced her to send $50 via Western Union. For some reason, she did it.

A manager for AT&T said an employee began using her company credit card for personal purchases, amounting to more than $15,000. The now ex-employee said she was allowed to make the purchases, which were initially investigated by the company’s asset-protection employees.


2300 block of Spring Creek Lane 30350 – On Aug. 16, a man was arrested following a domestic call. A woman’s boyfriend struck her and cut her lip. The argument started when the couple was out and apparently he decided to play another game of pool after telling her they would leave.

8000 block of Adair Lane 30350 – On Aug. 16, an officer saw a car driving on Roswell Road just before 3 a.m. The car was halfway into the center turn lane driving north at a fast pace. The officer turned around, finally catching the car on Morgan Falls Road, but the driver did not stop. They continued on, at about 30 mph, until they reached the apartments. The man threw something out of the car and then disregarded the officer’s commands to stop reaching into a glove compartment, where he had cocaine and a rolled up $1 bill with cocaine residue on it. He was charged with possession of cocaine and DUI. He told the officer that the officer was ruining his life, job and future relationship with his fiancé.

8200 block of Colquitt Road 30350 – On Aug. 16, a man reported that between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. the following morning, someone stole his car. An officer later spotted a man driving the car and stopped it. The man was arrested for Theft by Receiving and jailed. There was no connection between the victim and suspect.

6300 block of Powers Ferry Road 30327 – On Aug. 17, an officer was checking a hotel parking lot around 5:30 a.m. when he saw a black SUV parked behind a bus in the rear parking lot of the hotel. He noticed the windows were fogged, so he checked it out since there had been some recent thefts from cars. He found two women in the car, and they said they were not doing anything. In the process of checking ID’s, one woman lied about her identity, but she admitted it when the officer figured it out. She was charged.

2100 block of Monterrey Parkway 30350 – On Aug. 19, a 26-year-old woman said she was helping her friend move from an apartment when another woman (roommate) became angry. She pushed and hit the victim, and was charged with Disorderly Conduct.

On August 19, around 6 p.m., an officer ran a tag showing the car to be stolen. He stopped the car and found that Enterprise Leasing listed the car stolen as of late July. The woman who was in possession of the car said she had the car legally. Records showed that the car was rented in early July, but the company extended the return per request, for three days. The woman disregarded the agreement and continued to use the car. She was arrested for Theft by Conversion.

8700 block of Roswell Road 30350 – On Aug. 19, security staff watched a woman take several items from the shelves of Publix, before leaving the store without paying. She was detained and later charged (on citation) with shoplifting the items valued at just over $22.

Other Things

8300 block of Roswell Road – A man said his ex-girlfriend sent him a text photo of her holding a gun to the camera and saying that she was coming over to a house of his friend.

5600 block of Glenridge Drive 30342 – Around 7:30 p.m., officers were called to a parking deck on a report of a “person down.” Emergency Medical Services were called for a 16-year old juvenile, who was heavily intoxicated. He could barely stand, but told officers he was drinking with friends. Although he had longer hair, it was noticed that a shaved strip was cut into his hair. Due to his heavily intoxicated state, he was taken to the hospital. He told the officers that he was at a party in the apartments and believes he was punched—evident by a cut lip. His father was contacted and came to the hospital and later took the boy home. The 16-year-old was cited for possession of alcohol and will be assigned to a juvenile court date.

Wilderlake Court – A cable employee said he was working on someone’s cable and the resident was unhappy and wanted a supervisor. He walked to the door to go to his truck to call the supervisor. The woman opened the door, but stood in the path, blocking his exit. He said he felt he was not free to leave the home. The woman said she opened the door but didn’t block the path. The job was taken over by another cable employee, while the officer was present.

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