Lawmakers who filed suit to block the Fulton County Commission from raising property taxes lost a round in court today. Cobb County Superior Court Judge G. Grant Bradley rejected the lawsuit to prevent Fulton from implementing the 17 percent increase voted on by the commission in August.

The lawsuit was filed by a group of Republican lawmakers including Pro Tem Jan Jones (Milton) and Reps. Harry Greisinger (Roswell), Lynne Riley (Johns Creek) Joe Wilkinson (Atlanta), Chuck Martin (Alpharetta), Wendell Willard (Sandy Springs) and former Rep. Ed Lindsey.

The Georgia Legislature passed a law in 2013 preventing any tax hikes until 2015.

Fulton County Commission Chairman Joh Eaves released this statement after the ruling:

“We are pleased that the Court ruled today that the County can continue to collect the taxes necessary to provide essential services to our citizens. We are not unaware of our responsibility to spend money wisely and in the best interests of our constituents. We continue to believe that the Board of Commissioners is in the best position to know what is best for our citizens. I am hopeful that the Court’s ruling today will encourage the legislators to focus their attention on State matters and helping us deliver necessary services and that they will carefully consider dismissing the remaining part of their suit. The hard work of managing precious resources continues and we are committed to doing so prudently, in the best interests of our citizens.”