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“Don’t turn around! Don’t make me hurt you,” one of two men said after pushing an Atlanta woman inside her Huff Road apartment to rob her on Sept. 5, police reported.

While she was walking puppies outside her Apex Midtown West apartment, a woman noticed two men watching her, police say. As she placed the key into her door, one man pushed her into the apartment.

“Shut up!” she heard as one of the men removed her ring and necklace, and pushed her down. She said she didn’t see a knife, but thought one man had a weapon. Grabbing her dogs, she ran into the bathroom to call 911. When she heard the door slam, she came out of the bathroom and discovered the apartment ransacked. A piggy bank with $50, an additional $722 in currency and a jewelry box were missing.

This robbery was one of four that took place on Huff Road between Sept. 1 and 6, according to police reports. The robbery was the second of the week at Apex Midtown West Apartments, Atlanta police reported.

On Sept. 1,  a man was standing outside the apartments talking to two women, when a white Lincoln approached and one of the four men inside pulled a semi-automatic handgun with a light attached at the bottom and pointed it at the man, police reported.

“Give it up,” one of the men said, and the resident gave up his wallet, an Apple iPhone and a Boost Mobile phone. The other three men approached one woman’s car, leaned on it and placed their hands on it. The women drove off, leaving the scene, according to police reports.

Just a few blocks away on Sept. 4, a robbery was reported at Westside Modern, in the 800 block of Huff Road, police reported. Pedestrians noticed four men leaving a grey vehicle in the parking lot. Two of the men pointed pistols at the victims, while the two remaining suspects took items out of the pedestrian’s pockets.

A fourth robbery occurred Sept. 6 at Alexan Metro West Apartments at 1040 Huff Road, police reported, when a woman was approached by three men as she got out of her car.

One of the men grabbed a plastic bag she was carrying, and attempted to snatch it away. She initially resisted, thinking he was playing, police reported. When he again attempted to snatch her purse, she realized he was serious.

She struggled, and one man punched her in the face and knocked her to the ground. While on the ground, she saw one of the men was holding a handgun. The men took the victim’s black Coach purse, an Apple iPhone, $30 in currency, car key and shopping bag and fled in her 2010 Kia Forte.

A witness observed five men in a green Ford Taurus as they backed into a handicap space shortly before the robbery. The Ford Taurus followed the stolen Kia Forte vehicle as it sped from the parking deck.