From police reports dated Aug. 17 through Aug.30.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


1100 block of Huff Road—On Aug. 17, a woman was invited to a get together by a male friend. While at the location, she agreed to have consensual sex, and the two fell asleep in the bed nude. She later awoke to find a stranger having sex with her. She thought it was her friend. She said “stop” and the stranger said, “Oh my God, I thought this was…,” but did not finish his statement.

2000 block of Peachtree Road NE—On Aug. 19, a woman phoned police to report a burglary. When police arrived, she said she was raped two weeks ago by her roommate/ex-boyfriend. She contacted the man to stay at his place after leaving work, and at the apartment they spoke, before going to bed. When the man asked for sex, the woman said “no” and added she did not want to do anything sexual with him. The two lay down and the woman told the man to stay on his side of the bed. While they were lying down, the man pulled the woman’s pants down and had sex with her.


1700 block of Ellsworth Industrial—A man ran up to a woman as she was unloading her vehicle, pointed a black pistol in her chest and demanded she hand over her keys. She complied and the man jumped into her vehicle and drove away. The woman’s Vince Camuto handbag that contained a Tori Burch wallet with $120 in U.S. currency, a license, an Apple iPhone with a pink case, an AE card and a Regents debit card were also inside the vehicle.

2000 block of Northside Drive—On Aug. 23, a man left a gas station, driving on Northside Drive around Collier, when a Ford Crown Victoria came around him from behind and stopped in front of him. A man got out of the Crown Victoria and approached his window, with a black semi-auto handgun. He knocked on the window with his gun, and said, “Give me your … wallet.” The victim stepped on the gas and drove to a church at Northside Drive and Kingswood, and called 911.

1500 block of Northside NW—On Aug. 18, while waiting for traffic to pass, a man put his car into park and noticed two men approaching his vehicle from the sidewalk. One man put a black and silver pistol to the victim’s head and demanded he “give me your … wallet.” He gave up the wallet, saying it had no cash inside. The gunman pointed at a wooden box, which contained an engagement ring,that was sitting on a blanket in the passenger seat and demanded the victim “hand it over.” When the driver put his hand on the gear shift, the gunman said, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” The driver handed the ring over and the suspects ran toward the apartment complex near 499 Northside Circle NW.

600 block of Holmes Street NW—On Aug. 22, three to four men approached a residence, where three people sat on the front steps. They had automatic handguns and an assault, and they demanded the residents “Get on the … ground.” The gunmen searched the residents’ pockets and then strip-searched them while they were lying on the ground. One gunman took a set of house keys, an iPhone 4, wallet and a Red 2010 red Mazda from one resident. An Apple iPhone 5C and wallet with a Bank of America credit card and debit card was taken from the second resident, and a set of keys and an Android Max cellphone were taken from the third resident.

1500 block of Marietta Boulevard—On Aug. 27, a robbery by a man who approached the front driver side door and pointed black pistol at the driver, demanding he “give over his cellphone,” a Motorola Droid Ultra. When the driver refused, the gunman said he would shoot him. The driver complied, and stepped out of the car. A second man came from behind and took the driver’s camouflaged green wallet, which contained a driver’s license, Social Security card, bank card, and $3 in cash from his back pocket.

1000 block of Collier Road—On Aug. 27, a robbery of a pedestrian was reported after a woman walking to her job noticed a small, four-door sedan following her. The car pulled into the driveway and turned around as if it was going to exit. At that point, the woman crossed the driveway behind the vehicle. As she came around the passenger’s side, a man stepped out of the car, pulled out a black pistol and said, “Give me your purse.” “I don’t have any money,” she said. The gunman then placed the barrel of the pistol to her forehead and said, “I don’t care. Give me your purse.” She gave him a brown purse that contained a wallet with $5 and a cancelled bank card. The driver remained inside the vehicle during the incident.

1600 block of Defoor Avenue—On Aug. 30, a robbery was reported after four men with handguns demanded items from a group walking to their car, near a restaurant. A gold Invictus watch, two USAA credit cards, a black iPhone 5S, a military ID, a credit card and a license were taken from one person. A gold Invictus watch, a military ID, two gold bracelets, two gold chains, a gold iPhone 5S, two credit cards and a license were taken from another person. The victims were unharmed and were unable to provide a description of the robbers.

3300 block of Peachtree Road—On Aug. 26, a robbery was reported after a man walking to his car heard a voice call out, “Hey, hey.” When he turned around to see who was calling him, a man with a black revolver hand gun pointed at him. The man dropped his laptop bag, which contained his laptop, on the ground. “Give me your car keys or else I will shoot,” the gunman said and the man gave the robber his keys. The gunman picked up the laptop bag off the ground and proceeded towards the victim’s car, advising the man to walk into the wooded area nearby and not look back until he left the scene. The man entered the woods, grabbed his cellphone out of his pocket and called 911. He was not injured during the robbery.