From police reports dated Sept. 14 through Sept. 27.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


2500 block of Noble Creek Drive—On Sept. 14, a robbery was reported when a pedestrian was walking to his front door. A man ran toward him pointing a pistol and demanding “everything” he had. The victim handed over his blue Apple iPhone 5C and wallet before being told to lie down. The suspect ran off.

2200 block of Dunseath Avenue—On Sept. 26, a man approached another man at a condo and punched him in the face as he was attempting to contact someone through the callbox. Once on the ground, the suspect shot the man and took his wallet from his pocket. A second victim was waiting inside of the driver’s side of his 2002 green Ford Windstar Van when the door opened and a weapon was placed to his head. The suspect ordered the victim not to look at him at which time he turned his head and was punched in the face. The suspect demanded, “Give me your wallet.” The suspect then forced the driver from his vehicle, entered the vehicle and drove off.

2500 block of Piedmont Road—On Sept. 26, a carjacking was reported at Chevron. The victim was sitting behind the location talking on a cellphone to his girlfriend when the suspect pulled up to the front passenger window, pointed a gun at him and advised him to get out the vehicle. A second man pulled to the driver’s side window and ordered him to get outside the vehicle. The victim said he would give them anything they wanted as long as they did not hurt him. The suspects drove off in the victim’s rented 2014 black Toyota Sienna and made a right turn on to Morosgo Drive.

600 block of Lindbergh Drive—On Sept. 24, a man was walking toward Morosgo Way when he heard a man say “stop.” When he stopped, two men ran up to him and put a gun to his head. One man went through his pockets, taking his wallet, $650 cash and his passport. The victim ran to Morosgo Way toward Morosgo Drive.

2200 block of Cheshire Bridge Road—On Sept. 23, Title Max reported a robbery when a man stood at the window of the business, looked inside for about three to four seconds, pulled a mask up over his face and snatched the magnetic door open. He then entered into the business displaying a black and gray .38 caliber revolver in his right hand and demanded all the money from the business. The manager complied. The suspect then demanded that the victims stand facing the wall with their backs turned. The suspect ordered the general manager to give him the rest of the money, saying “I know it’s more.” The manager went through all of the cash drawers, while being followed by the suspect. As the manager grabbed the keys used to open the cash drawers, she pushed the silent alarm panic button to alert the police. The suspect forced all of the employees to the back room where a construction worker was working. The suspect demanded that they remain in the back room for about 10 minutes until he left. Witnesses report seeing the suspect standing in front of the BP gas station at 2370 Cheshire Bridge prior to the robbery pacing back and forth.

1500 block of Piedmont Avenue—On Sept. 26, a carjacking was reported outside the Shell food mart. A man opened a woman’s driver side door and displayed an 8-inch knife. He demanded she get out of the vehicle, which she did. The man jumped into her grey 2014 Audi Quarto S5 and went south on Piedmont Avenue toward Rock Springs Road. The victim’s purse, driver’s license, bank card, Banana Republic credit card, food items and a medical bag with lenses were left inside the vehicle. The vehicle was recovered on Sept. 28 at 495 Spring Lake Drive when it was reported abandoned at the location.

Aggravated Assault

3300 block of Peachtree Road—On Sept. 18, an aggravated assault was reported in the Lenox Mall parking lot when two men inside the Pure store assaulted another man, and took his black backpack. As the suspects were retrieving their vehicle from valet, the victim exited the mall and began shooting. The suspects began running in various directions. One of the attacker men returned fire, ran to the front of the mall, jumped into a beige SUV and left the scene. The victim retrieved his backpack from inside the suspects’ vehicle, a silver Chevy Malibu, and ran back into the mall. A bullet hole was in the passenger side of the vehicle and five shell casings were recovered. There were no injuries reported.

1700 block of Northside Drive—On Sept. 22, a man walked up to a woman and snatched her Surface laptop as she sat on the patio. She gave chase behind the suspect as he fled to an awaiting BMW Sports Utility and got into the backseat. The driver exited the vehicle and pointed a firearm at her.

2100 block of Defoors Ferry Road—On Sept. 22, two men agreed to meet at the McDonald’s on Barrett Parkway, and they later relocated to the apartment of a friend. As they were “fooling around,” the events took a turn and one stabbed the other with a pocket knife. The suspect fled the scene, taking the victim’s 2005 Honda Accord. Witnesses on scene report the victim advised them the suspect approached him at gunpoint, told him to take him back to the apartment, locked him in a bathroom, stabbed him and stole his money and vehicle. A steak knife was collected on the scene and thought to be the weapons used.

2800 block of Peachtree Road—On Sept. 25, an officer conducted a traffic stop for speeding. Upon approach of the vehicle, the officer smelled a strong odor of raw marijuana, and asked the driver to exit the vehicle. During the interview process, the suspect ran back to the vehicle, jumped through the passenger front door and into the driver’s seat and attempted to drive off. As units were attempting to get him into custody, he reached into the center console and pulled a silver and black pistol out of the console and pointed it at the officer. Police were able to take the suspect into custody, causing the handgun to fall into the backseat. The passenger was seen retrieving the handgun from the back seat and throwing it into a neighboring driveway. Both suspects were taken into custody on Sheridan Road and returned to the scene. K9 responded and assisted in the search of the vehicle and surrounding area. A black Taurus Millennium with twelve full metal jacket rounds and a rolled up blunt were recovered a short distance away. A search of the vehicle yielded a white piece of paper that contained marijuana from underneath the front driver’s seat.

Residential Burglary

3800 block of Paran Ridge Road—A burglary was reported when a kitchen door was kicked in and a Samsung flat screen TV and a Vizio flat screen TV were taken. The resident suspects an ex-employee, who took other items from his father’s residence, of the thefts. A gas grill and copper were taken in a previous theft

1700 block of Moores Mill Road—On Sept. 19, a burglary was reported when the front door of a home was damaged and a 55-inch LG Smart TV, an Acer laptop, two pairs of earrings, assorted jewelry, a brown purse that contained a license, a Discover card and a Wells Fargo debit card were taken.

1400 block of West Paces Ferry Road—On Sept. 20, a burglary was reported at The Reserve at West Paces. The front window screen was knocked out and lying on the ground, the door was unlocked, and drawers and cabinets were opened and clothes were scattered on the floor. Items taken include an Apple iPod Touch 8G, two Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops, an Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi 32GB, a Toshiba 32-inch TV, assorted jewelry, a purse, makeup, sunglasses, a set of keys, and an Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi 16GB. A black 2008 Honda Civic was also taken in the theft.

4300 block of Sentinel Post Road—On Sept. 16, Basement and kitchen doors were pried open and the interior of a house was ransacked. A pair of female underwear, sterling silverware, a Kimber Raptor and misc. jewelry items were taken. Nature’s Own pest company was at the victims’ residence when the resident left for a walk. A suspicious vehicle was seen near the victims’ residence.

1100 block of Huff Road—Three burglaries were reported at the Apex West Midtown apartments between Sept. 14 and Sept. 15. The front doors and doorframes were damaged in all burglaries. Items taken include Louis Vuitton bags, Blu-Ray player, televisions and computers.

1900 block of Hollywood Road—On Sept. 16, the office window locks were broken and the screen was removed in a burglary. Visible pry marks appeared on the outside of the window. A PlayStation 3, an Xbox, Nintendo 3DS, 25 video games, an HP laptop, a Fujitsu laptop, an Apple IPhone and a Kindle were taken.

2400 block of Burtz Street—On Sept. 14, a burglary was reported, with forced entry to the bedroom window. A Sony camera, a set of vehicle keys, an Acer laptop and an Asus laptop were taken.

300 block of Peachtree Avenue—On Sept. 16, a burglary of a house was reported when a side window was pried open. A silver ring with light aqua stones and diamonds around the center stone, an oval David Yurman ring, a TK Anderson light brown ring, a gold coin from Italy, a Michael Kors two-toned silver and gold watch, a hollow gold bangle, an Aqua marine and diamond gold ring, a polished jade and diamond white gold ring, a pearl and rose gold ring, a sapphire and diamond ring, a silver infinity ring, an orange stone with two diamonds gold ring, a diamond watch with white gold elastic band, a diamond bongle engraved Elizabeth Lloyd Pember, a David Yurman brown smokey quartz ring, a David Yurman silver and gold link, a David Yurman silver gold bracelet with a blue stone, a John Hardy 18K gold and silver large bangle, an antique emerald and diamond ring w/ diamonds on the side and a John Hardy silver ring with a hammered gold middle were taken.

5000 block of Alexander Circle—On Sept. 17, a burglary was reported when the front door of a condo was kicked in and a Samsung 39-inch TV and a Toshiba laptop were taken.

3200 block of Lenox Road—On Sept. 20, a burglary was reported at Metropolitan at Buckhead Apartments. A DVD player, a flat screen 70-inch, an Xbox Video game system, 30-40 Xbox video games, a Comcast cable box, an Apple desktop computer, a chest with personal items, $2,500, DVD player, comforter sets, towels, chess game, chest of decorations, microwave, Bullet juicer, cutlery, toolbox, coffee maker, 50-inch flat screen TV, DVD player, three diamond rings, several Michael Kors watches, a diamond necklace, perfume, Dell desktop, Bluetooth device, shoes, clothes and a passport were taken.

3400 block of Kingsboro Road—On Sept. 18, a burglary was reported where a hole was found in the door next to the door knob. A Panasonic 58-inch TV, an Insignia 45-inch TV, a Lenovo Yoga 213 laptop and an Asus laptop were taken.

2300 block of Parkland NE—On Sept. 17, three burglaries were reported at Sorelle Apartments, where the front door lock was broken in all cases and items were taken from the apartments.

700 block of Lindbergh Drive—On Sept. 19, a burglary was reported when a hole was found in the door next to the door lock and an Apple laptop, an Apple iPhone 4, a passport and $100 in change were taken.

1300 block of Mount Paran Road—On Sept. 22, a burglary was reported when a basement door was pried open. A Honda push mower, three TVs, several tools, a silver tea pot and candle holders were taken.

1100 block of Huff Road—On Sept. 26, a burglary was reported at Apex West Apartments when a small hole above the door lock was discovered and several lights were left on. An Apple MacBook Pro laptop and a purple duffle bag suitcase that contained jewelry were taken.

Peachtree Park Drive—On Sept. 27, two burglaries were reported at Peachtree Park Apartments, where a back window unlocked and the screen displaced. An Apple laptop, a Mac Book Pro laptop and an Apple Mac Book Pro laptop were taken. The victim’s report a previous burglary where their laptops were taken in the same manner.

Peachtree Park Apts: No signs of forced entry. Sliding glass door discovered open and dirt on the bedroom floor. A .40 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun, $150 in cash and a bottle of champagne were taken.

300 block of Alberta Terrace—On Sept. 25, a burglary without forced entry of a condo was reported. A rear door may have been left unsecured. A set of vehicle keys and a wallet were taken from the kitchen table. The victim was contacted by a man who said he noticed a silver VW Jetta parked outside his house. When he entered the vehicle, he discovered a set of car keys and a wallet belonging to one of the victims. One woman remembered hearing noises in the kitchen around 3 a.m. when she got up to use the bathroom.

300 block of Old Ivy Road—On Sept. 26, a burglary of a house was reported when a screen door was cut in the rear of the residence, the residence was ransacked and several cabinet drawers were opened. No items were missing.

900 block of Canterbury Road—On Sept. 26, a burglary was reported at Overlook at Lindbergh Apartments. Balcony door was pried open and the front door was unlocked. A neighbor heard a door opening across the hall, opened the door and observed three to four men coming out of the victim’s apartment carrying a TV. A second witness reports seeing the same man jumping over the victim’s balcony and making entry. A 42-inch TV, a Lenovo laptop, a HP laptop and a Play Station were taken.

900 block of Ferncliff Road—On Sept. 23, a burglary was reported when a door knob was damaged and dangling. Pry marks were visible near the lock, but no entry was made. The residents were at home at the time of the incident.

3300 block of Ferncliff Place—On Sept. 26, a burglary was reported where a rear door was pried open, bedroom drawers opened and items moved around. The victim discovered $75 in cash missing. No electronics or other items of value were taken.

2400 block of Parkland Drive—On Sept. 23, a burglary was reported at Lindbergh Apartments. No signs of forced entry, and the rear door was discovered slightly ajar. A Lenovo laptop and a stainless steel Movado watch were taken. The victim recently changed his locks because he thinks someone was entering his unit and leaving the doors unsecured.

400 block of Armour Drive—On Sept. 27, a burglary was reported at Armour Heights Apartments. A front door lock was damaged, and a Vizio 60-inch flat screen TV and an Apple iPad air were taken. On Sept. 26, a burglary was reported where surveillance cameras captured a man entering the residence through the front door. An Apple 13.3-inch laptop, an Apple iPad mini, an Apple iPhone 6 plus, three bank cards, and two pairs of Beats by Dre headphones were taken. Several transactions were made on the victims’ bank cards at a Citgo and McDonald’s. Cameras captured the suspect entering the apartment.

1300 block of Parkview Lane—On Sept. 22, burglary of a house witout forced entry was reported. The resident discovered an Access performance bike with 29-inch tires missing from her garage. The area can only be accessed from the house or by usage of an access code.

Commercial Burglary

2300 block of Bolton Road—On Sept. 20, forced entry to the building was reported and copper wire was taken from the second floor bathroom pipelines. A patrolling police officer saw three suspects in a black Nissan Frontier pickup truck inside the parking lot at the location. Upon further inspection, there was a blue container that contained approximately $500 worth of stolen copper wire and tools used to commit the crime in the rear of the vehicle. The suspects admitted to taking the copper from the location.

1900 block of Howell Mill Road—On Sept. 20, a gate was cut and the building entered in a commercial burglary. A wire cutter that was used to cut the gate recovered on top of a box at the entry. Three red handcarts that were previously locked away were inside the open corridor. A hammer, screwdriver and crow bar that were used to break the storage room locks were also recovered. An unknown amount of copper wire and tools were taken.

1300 block of Northside Drive—A storage unit door lock was pried open at a public storage facility and a Sony 42-inch HD TV and a Sony Blue Ray player were taken.

1500 block of Howell Mill Road—On Sept. 14, a public storage facility reported a burglary. The front door glass was broken and a rock was found inside the bathroom. The file cabinets were discovered open, name tags on the floor and papers across the table. There was $12 in change missing from the storage file cabinet and a $12 cash receipt with no money inside. There were no audible alarms dispatched to the location.

1700 block of Peachtree Street—On Sept. 19, two front windows were broken out and rocks were recovered “stuck” in the back walls. Products from inside the location were recovered on the floor and in the front parking lot. Hair piece products were taken from the store.

800 block of Miami NE—On Sept. 17, Buckhead Thriftique reported a burglary when its front door was broken out by a large rock found lying in the interior floor. A broken cash register was discovered on the ground in the rear of the business with the cash drawer missing. The front register area was in disarray and the cash register was taken.

2200 block of Peachtree Road—On Sept. 14, Starfish Japanese Sushi Restaurant reported a burglary. The front glass was broken and a rock was found lying on the ground. There was no audible alarm dispatched. The two-piece touch screen cashier’s computer on the deck was tilted on its side and the till/cashbox was taken from underneath.

600 block of Miami NE—On Sept. 14, Angora Rug Couture reported a burglary when three windows in the rear were broken out. A clarinet and a trombone were taken.

Auto Theft

1700 block of Chattahoochee Avenue—On Sept. 20, a white/black 2007 GMC Truck was stolen from a parking lot. Employees returned to the location, discovered the fence knocked over and their vehicle missing. There was 25 inches of concertina wire missing from the fence and was possibly hooked onto the truck as it drove over the fence.

2100 block of Peachtree Road NW—On Sept. 19, a white 2008 GMC Sierra was stolen from the parking lot at Houston’s. On Sept. 20, a blue 2007 Yukon was stolen from the parking lot at Absolute Care. A wallet that contained credit cards, a license and a Seiko watch were also taken.

400 block of Plasters Avenue—On Sept. 14, a white 2005 GMC Savannah was stolen from the parking lot at Carole Parks Catering.

1000 block of Alco Street NE—On Sept. 16, a white 2007 Lexus was stolen from the parking lot at Opus 1. The victim could not tell officers where her vehicle was, but she said she remembered leaving the club, blacking out and waking up at home. There were major scratches on her head and a she had a busted lip.

1400 block of West Paces Ferry—A white 2009 Yamaha Motorcycle was stolen from the parking deck at The Reserve at West Paces.

400 block of King Road—A white Ford Econoline Van was stolen off the street. The owner left his vehicle parked on the street, with the keys inside, while he worked at the location. A black Springfield 9mm pistol, a Blackberry Curve cell phone, multiple cabinet clamps, a Rigid half-inch electric drill, an Englo air compressor and a Ryobi sander were also taken in the theft.

1300 block of Noguchi Mews—Two vehicles were targeted. An attempt was made to steal a green 2001 Honda Accord from a parking lot. Rear passenger window damaged. A Delkin GPS, loose change and misc. change was taken from the first vehicle. The steering column and rear window were damaged on the second vehicle. No items were taken.

1000 block of Davis Circle—A 2013 white Honda S20 Motorcycle was stolen from the driveway of a residence. The victim discovered her motorcycle missing from her driveway and a piece of the ignition lying on the ground.

200 block of North Colonial Homes Circle—A maroon 2001 Jeep Cherokee was stolen from the parking lot at Colonial Homes Apartments.

2700 block of Northside Drive—A white 2005 Ford EC2 Cargo Van was stolen from the driveway of the residence.

3000 block of Argonne Drive—A gray 2010 Honda Civic was stolen from the driveway of the residence.

400 block of Northside Circle—On Sept. 22, a report of an attempt to steal a 2005 Dodge Caravan from the Highland Ridge Apartments was made. Door handle damaged and ignition popped. A purse and a pair of Jordan tennis shoes and a pair of Beats by Dre headphones were taken.

3300 block of Peachtree Road—On Sept. 24, a silver 2003 Mazda Pro was stolen from the parking lot at Buckhead Pizza Co.

2300 block of Parkland Drive—A Gray 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse was stolen from the parking deck at Sorelle Apartments.

700 block of Sidney Amarcus Boulevard—On Sept. 25, a tan 2005 Nissan Pathfinder was stolen from the parking lot at Marian Road High-rise.

400 block of Armour Drive—A white 2000 Lexus GS300 was stolen from the parking deck at Armour Heights Apartments.

1100 block of Woodland Avenue—A blue 2014 Shen QT-50 Motor scooter was stolen from the parking lot at Woodland Apartments.

1400 block of Monroe Drive—A 2008 Gray Toyota Camry Hybrid was stolen from the condo parking lot.


Between Sept. 14 and 21, 27 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 35 larcenies including shoplifting and theft of items left on homeowners’ property were reported.

Between Sept. 22 and Sept. 27, 29 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 36 larcenies including shoplifting were reported.

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