Mayor Mike Davis and Acting City Manager Billy Grogran have submitted a proposed 2015 budget. It calls for spending $22.4 million on operations and cash reserves, includes $2.4 million in general fund collections, $4 million in Homestead Option Sales Tax collections on capital projects and $1.46 million to pay debt, the city says.

“The first five years of budgeting and city activities focused heavily on correction projects and establishing plans for future growth and development …,” the mayor and city manager wrote in their budget memo. “The heart of the 2015 budget consists of creating connections and access to existing and newly created amenities, projects and developments for city residents, businesses and visitors. … Planned and proposed connections are rooted in physical improvements, such as new sidewalks, trails, parks and intersections, which effectively link residents, neighborhoods and resources. Improved access is found through value-added information, programs and staffing.”

The proposed budget keeps the city tax rate at 2.74 mills.