To the editor:

Once again, I, a resident of Brookhaven for more than 42 years, am appalled at the arrogance of the Brookhaven mayor and City Council, and their total disregard of the voters’ preference on the Pink Pony issue.

The full-page advertisement by the Pink Pony in the current issue of the Brookhaven Reporter indicates that Mayor Max Davis and his lapdog city council are attempting to extort a one-time licensing fee from the Pink Pony.

This is absolutely outrageous, and is only the latest example of Mayor Davis and Brookhaven’s City Council ongoing vendetta against the Pink Pony and that cabal’s blatant attempt to put the Pony out of business. Brookhaven’s “representatives” seem to be oblivious to the wishes of Brookhaven’s voters, the majority of whom have voiced their preference that the city’s political leaders leave the Pink Pony alone and free to operate.

It’s interesting to me that Max Davis’ stated interest in putting the Pink Pony out of business is “to protect the residents of Brookhaven” while, at the same time, he and his cronies have seen fit to issue a permit for a transvestite club located quite near the Pink Pony to operate.

The Pink Pony has agreed to pay $200,000 of the attorney fees (that should not have been incurred in the first place), but the city says the Pink Pony should pay all fees. The Pink Pony has agreed to the city’s proposed buffer zone; has agreed to have no billboards within city limits; and has offered $2.5 million over the course of a 12-year agreement. That, to me, appears to be an imminently reasonable proposal.

I’m confident that there is more to the Pink Pony issue than the voters know about, and it is my hope that the entire story will someday come to light.

Glenn W. Summerlin

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