To the editor:

People, especially people who sit in traffic all day, need to realize that development density is a good thing. In fact, it’s something our community should be pursuing much more of instead of placing limits on as is the case currently for projects such as Northpark 100.

The reason is simple but rarely understood: Dense developments are efficient uses of space, allowing for people to live within walking distance of places, to not need a car to get to mass transit, to have all the parking and residences in one limited amount of space rather than existing as a sea of monotonous parking lots.

Unbeknownst to most, what generates traffic are the traditional development patterns Atlanta has followed for far too long: Long commutes from spread-out, sprawling subdivisions located far from mass transit, far from the “corner” store, and in homes which are far too excessive in size for the small number of people residing there.

If we are serious about reducing traffic we have to reduce sprawl-type development and replace it with mixed use.

Will Lance, Sandy Springs

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