Buckhead Atlanta General Manager Michael Diamantides speaks to the Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods on Oct 9.

With lines of people waiting to get inside the new Shake Shack for a burger or to check out the hip eyewear at the new Warby Parker shop, even Buckhead Atlanta’s owners are marveling at how popular the new development has become with local residents.

But the property’s general manager, Michael Diamantides, told members of the Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods on Oct. 9 that Buckhead Atlanta is poised to attract visitors from around the region – and the country – who want a shopping experience similar to Manhattan or Chicago’s Miracle Mile.

A dozen shops and restaurants have opened at Buckhead Atlanta, and Diamantides said more would continue opening through 2015. Hermes, Brunello Cucinelli, Theory, Scoop NYC and Moncler are just some of the luxury brands that have opened for business in the last month.

Developer OliverMcMillan may be wooing Apple to open a store in the development. “We have a potential tenant that will require our team to rethink the façade of one of the buildings to accommodate a very specific design need,” Diamantides said.

When asked by a member of the audience if the company in question was named after a piece of fruit, Diamantides smiled, but wouldn’t confirm or deny courting the computer giant.

The luxury apartments on the property – The Residence at Buckhead Atlanta – recently welcomed its first 60 tenants, and more leases are being signed daily for the 370 available units.

Much of Diamantides’ talk centered on conveniences and amenities at Buckhead Atlanta that he said will be unlike any other in the city. With four valet stations, you can enter on one side of the development and text the valet station to have your car brought to the other side. There will also be a “bag valet,” where a driver will bring your car around to put away your purchases before going on to dinner.

There also will be a concierge valet service that will allow a shopper to drop off his or her car at Buckhead Atlanta and a driver will take the car for an emissions inspection, detailing, repair or even fill up the gas tank while the customer shops.

Buckhead Atlanta also will provide umbrella stations in case a shopper forgets to bring one along, personal shoppers, and a high-tech security and self-parking system that will be a first in the city.

Diamantides said there would be 24-hour security patrols paired with an extensive camera system and a license plate recognition system hooked up to the Atlanta Police Department. If you drive a stolen car into the parking deck into Buckhead Atlanta, expect to be arrested shortly thereafter.

The property will have 2,400 parking spaces featuring “park assist.” Rather than driving aimlessly looking for an empty spot, red and green lights visible from the main aisles will show if there is an empty space available on the row. Blue lights will indicate handicapped spaces.

For the holidays, Diamantides said the shops would be filling their windows with festive displays similar to New York retailers.

“We want shoppers and visitors to say, ‘We used to go to New York to shop, but now we come to Buckhead Atlanta,’” Diamantides said. “We also want to be an integral part of the neighborhood where people come regularly to shop, dine and enjoy themselves.”

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