Krog Street tunnel's colorful graffiti was erased last night in protest of this weekend's Krog Masquerade party. (Courtesy CBS46)
Krog Street tunnel’s colorful graffiti was erased last night in protest of this weekend’s Krog Masquerade party. (Courtesy CBS46)

Dozens of artists and activists opposed to this weekend’s Halloween-themed  “The Krog Masquerade” spent the night painting over the Krog Street tunnel’s iconic graffiti. According to a report from our media affiliate CBS 46, the colorful graffiti was covered in gray paint.

Residents in Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown have been vocal about their opposition to the party planned by the Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces (AFFPS), which also puts on events like last weekend’s Festival on Ponce and the upcoming Chastain Park Arts & Crafts Festival.

Although organizers received a permit from the city of Atlanta to hold the “avant-garde, European-style masquerade ball” on Oct. 25, residents said permission should not have been given to a for-profit company to use the public tunnel. There are also concerns about traffic, parking and access by emergency vehicles to the neighborhoods.

AFFPS’s Randall Fox had heard about the planned protest and said he would employee artists to repaint the tunnel in time for the event. This morning, the Masquerade’s Facebook page put up an image of  The Beatles’ “White Album” cover with the hashtag #meetmeinthetunnel.


Collin Kelley

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