William Brown
William Brown
Charlie Barry

Two candidates say they are bowing out of the four-man race for the District 2 seat on Brookhaven City Council.

William Brown announced his intention to end his campaign at the start of a candidate forum at Ashford Park on Oct. 23. Charlie Barry announced his decision to end his campaign in a letter to the Brookhaven Post, a local website, on Oct. 22.

Their decisions to end their campaigns leaves two candidates, Tim Nama and John Park, in the special election for the seat vacated by the resignation earlier this year of Council Jim Eyre. The election will be held Nov. 4.

Park and Nama were the only candidates to take part in the Ashford Park forum. Their supporters – Nama’s in red T-shirts and Park’s in white – were scattered among the 45 or so people who attended.

Brown, who watched from the audience after his announcement, said he was ending his candidacy so the two remaining candidates would not face the possibility of a runoff election. Runoffs are required in Georgia if no candidate receives more than half the vote in an election. “I didn’t see that anyone of the four candidates had a clear shot at getting 51 percent [of the vote],” he said.

He said that a runoff election would add to the cost of the campaign. “I didn’t want to spend more than the job pays,” he said.

In his statement, published by the Post, Barry said he talked with the other candidates and felt they shared his interests. “Any one of them would do a fine job sitting on the council, and therefore I feel confident with my decision to withdraw from the November election,” his statement said.

Joe Earle

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