Two days after the city of Brookhaven agreed to private negotiations for a settlement deal with the Pink Pony, Mayor J. Max Davis released a statementon Oct. 30 saying the club should pay safety costs, and that the purpose of continued talks is to make sure the strip club off Buford Highway should come into compliance or stop operating.

“Changing our hard fought and constitutional ordinance is a nonstarter,” Davis said. “The purpose of our continued conversations is to craft a solution that maintains the complete integrity of our ordinance, stops new clubs from opening and ensures the Pink Pony comes into compliance or ceases operations. While they are transitioning, to either come into full compliance with the ordinance or to exit, I expect at a minimum for the Pink Pony to incur the costs of safety: specifically increased police for close monitoring, crime prevention and law enforcement.”

Ann Marie Quill

Ann Marie Quill is Associate Editor at Reporter Newspapers.