James R. “Jim” Duffie (R)

Occupation: Real estate broker

Elected offices held: None.

Community service experience: Lead volunteer at the USO Council of Georgia; board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Atlanta; deacon of First Baptist Church, Avondale Estates; governor of the Ritz Group.

Why should the voters choose you for this position?

I want to affect a positive change in the government of DeKalb County and the DeKalb School system. I will do everything within my power to mitigate the corruption, malfeasance, and mismanagement in those bodies, for the benefit of the present generation, our children, and grandchildren. Additionally, I will work to implement initiatives to stimulate our economy and create jobs. Also, if the people of my district want to achieve cityhood, I will champion their cause, and help negotiate the complicated legislative process.

What is the biggest issue facing the constituents you seek to represent?

I will initiate legislation to eliminate the CEO position in DeKalb County, reconstitute the Ethics Commission and require transparency of operation. I will carry the bills for the cityhood initiatives so they are properly handled. I will work to change the state tax collection system to a FairTax Model, which will eliminate the personal and business income taxes, in order to stimulate our economy and create jobs.

What’s the first thing you hope to accomplish after taking office next year?

I will work with other members of the House and Senate to enact tax reform that will eliminate the income tax and implement a FairTax Model, which is a one time, retail only sales tax on all new goods and services. This program will make us more competitive with other states that have no income tax and allow for the creation more jobs in the private sector. This tax system is transparent, simple, and fair to all citizens.