Tamara Johnson, Georgia Senate candidate, District 40

Tamara Johnson (D)

Occupation:  Lobbyist

Community service experience: Volunteer with local schools. 

 Why should the voters choose you for this position?

The voters should choose me for this position because I truly believe it is time that we put people over politics.  It is time that we focus on making our educational system and our healthcare system better.  It is time that we make sure that people are paid a livable wage.  It is time that we focus on the people of Georgia.  It is time that we bridge the gaps, community to community, county to county and work together to make Georgia competitive with rest of the nation.

What is the biggest issue facing the constituents you seek to represent?

The biggest issue facing the constituents I seek to represent is the educational system in Georgia.  I will address this issue by diligently working with other elected officials to determine the right solutions to move Georgia forward.

What’s the first thing you hope to accomplish after taking office?

The first thing I wish to accomplish after taking office is to bridge the gaps, community-to-community, within the district, to create a cohesive approach to making our district and our state better.  My role as legislator is to make sure that the needs of the district are communicated in the general assembly and are aligned with initiatives that benefit the entire state of Georgia.