Robert Montigel (D)

Occupation: Small Business Owner, Biggs Building Products, Suwanee

Elective offices held: None.

Community service experience: Volunteer on the Environmental commission and Board of Municipal Utilities Authority in Washington Township, N.J.

Why should the voters choose you for this position?

I intend to conduct myself the way voters expect. I will not participate in the blame game that disgusts so many and accomplishes nothing. We need to respect the views of everyone and then work to build an acceptable consensus. Barbara Bush said, “Compromise is not a dirty word.” I am fiscally conservative, I believe in personal responsibility, but also social responsibility. I have a degree in Economics and a MBA in Finance. I have owned my small business for 14 years and have 28 years corporate experience. I know that we can balance the budget without drastic cuts to social programs.

What is the biggest issue facing the constituents you seek to represent?

There is no single biggest issue. It depends who you are and I want to represent all the people. A large number of people are concerned with the national debt and this is one reason I decided to run. I have grandchildren. The best way to reduce the deficit is to grow the economy. I, like many others, including Mitt Romney, am in favor of raising the minimum wage to stimulate the economy and get people off government assistance. Another way to stimulate the economy is to invest in infrastructure. I will be proposing a way to get some of the trillions of dollars of corporate and private money sitting is cash invested in infrastructure.

What’s the first thing you hope to accomplish after taking office?

As a businessman, I know the importance of relationships. Therefore, the first thing I must do is build relationships with other members of Congress, regardless of party affiliation. I am for tax reform as outlined in the Simpson Bowles Deficit Reduction Plan to promote economic growth and reduce the deficit. I would vote for the Senate immigration reform bill. It addresses border security and employer verification. Although it does allow people who entered illegally to become temporarily documented, is it not amnesty. I cannot be in favor of tearing families apart. By not acting on this bill we are delaying improvements to border security.