Photo released by Brookhaven police of suspected burglar
Photo released by Brookhaven police of suspected burglar
Photo released by Brookhaven police of suspected burglar.

Brookhaven police seek two men suspected of burglary at Windsor Communities Apartments on Brookhaven Avenue on Oct. 20.

A witness who worked with the complex’s maintenance team said he saw two men leaving a fourth floor apartment. One of the men had a bug sprayer, the witness said to police.

When the maintenance worker tried to speak with the men, they started walking faster toward the exit, police said, and then the worker noticed the apartment had been opened forcefully.

Both men left the building by the front exit stairway, facing the Marshalls Department Store, police said. Because both suspects had a good distance on the maintenance worker, he lost sight of both individuals once outside, the witness said to police. The suspects used a pry tool or some type of crowbar to make entry into the residences, police said.

Detectives reviewed the video surveillance and described both men. The first man, who carried the bug sprayer, wore a tan shirt and pants, with a white undershirt. He wore gloves and a brown toboggan and an orange-billed baseball hat.

The second man wore a navy blue letterman jacket with white or tan sleeves, the letter “M” on the left chest of the jacket and a patch on the right sleeve. He had a gray T-shirt and blue jeans. Also, he wore diamond earrings in both ears, a blue Atlanta Braves hat with an “A” on the front. Detectives said he had a tattoo or scar on the left cheek under the eye and a small goatee.

Anyone with information on the identity of the individuals portrayed in the photos is asked to contact the Brookhaven Police Department at 404-637-0600.

Watch police video:

Both leaving stair 4 10-59 am