Holmes Pyles and Nancy Jester appear to be headed for a Dec. 2 runoff in the race for the District 1 seat on the DeKalb County Commission.

Pyles welcomed the results. “I think it came out all right,” he said.

Holmes Pyles

Pyles led the five-candidate field in the Nov. 4 race, collecting about 26 percent of the vote. Jester finished second with 24.5 percent, edging out Wendy Butler, who claimed 23.6 percent, according to results posted on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website and the DeKalb County Voter Registration and Election website.

“We are in the runoff,” Jester said in an email to supporters on Nov. 5.

Jester also congratulated the other candidates. “To my fellow candidates who have finished their portion of the race – well done,” she wrote. “Thank you for offering yourself for public service.  I understand and appreciate your effort and commitment.  You all have given me important perspectives and I thank you for that gift.”

The state and county said the results included returns from all 37 precincts in the district. Leonard Piazza, election supervisor with DeKalb voter registration and election, said election officials still were still considering some provisional ballots and had some military ballots to complete counting, and would post final numbers by Nov. 10.

The special election was called after the resignation of former long-time Commissioner Elaine Boyer, who resigned before pleading guilty in federal court to misusing county money. She is scheduled to be sentenced in December.

Nancy Jester

Here are the results of other local contested races.

U.S. House of Representatives District 6

Tom Price R i                          66 %

Robert Montigel D                  34 %

3 of 3 counties reporting

Georgia Senate District 40

Francis R. ‘Fran’ Millar R i     63 %

Tamara Johnson D                  37 %

3 of 3 counties reporting

DeKalb County Commission, District 1

Holmes E. Pyles I                   26.1 %

Nancy Jester R                       24.5 %

Wendy Butler R                      23.6 %

Tom Owens R                         13.3 %

Larry Danese R                      12.4 %

37 of 37 precincts reporting

These candidates won election Tuesday without opposition:

Georgia House of Representatives, District 79

Thomas K. ‘Tom’ Taylor R i

Georgia House of Representatives, District 80

Michael J. ‘Mike’ Jacobs R i





For other election results: http://results.enr.clarityelections.com/GA/54042/148040/en/summary.html

Joe Earle

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