The Nov. 6 Citizen Connection meeting with District 2 Council members Lynn Deutsch and Jim Riticher allowed residents to communicate about Dunwoody in an open forum.

Questions asked via email before the discussion involved plans for paving cul-de-sacs and residential streets, the dog park and the Dunwoody Village Parkway Main Street project. Deutsch started the discussion by saying “it’s a tie of change for Dunwoody” and acknowledging the city’s “nice vibe.”

Now construction for the Village Parkway Main Street project is completed, Deutsch asked residents to get back to patronizing those businesses. She said she believes the new stores and restaurants in District 2 will do well because there’s “been a pent-up demand for commercial services.”

Riticher said major road repaving is planned for 2015, and that many of the paving delays involved DeKalb County water piping. More residential road repaving will continue, and the city budget that recently passed involved a 66 percent increase over last year for paving.

Concerning the dog park in Brook Run Park, Brent Walker said plans for keeping the park the same size while protecting the soil and trees are in place. The Nov. 10 city council meeting will have the dog park on the agenda.

Other topics discussed involved the budget, and Chief Billy Grogan responded to a question about why the police department needs two new majors and a new lieutenant. Grogan said the majors will handle more operational issues concerning administration and investigation, while the lieutenant will supervise the sergeants and managing the road shifts. “Homeland security,” Grogan said, and “being prepared for hazards are top priorities.