As the Brookhaven City Council prepared to hold public hearings and a possible vote on a proposed annexation of office areas south of I-85, the city released a report detailing the extra services it would need to provide if Children’s Healthcare of Georgia and Executive Park become part of the city.

Mayor J. Max Davis says it’s “flattering” that the two entities asked in October to become part of the city. “They feel we are a good fit for them,” he said, but added that the city is still researching all aspects of what an annexation would mean for Brookhaven before making a decision.

And he says that the city is considering more than just itself.

The annexation request drew criticism from residents looking to form a new city in DeKalb that would include the area. Representatives for the new, as-yet unnamed city asked the office developments to reconsider their annexation requests, saying the future city would be a better fit for them.

“We keep an eye on what’s best for the area and take the thoughts of our neighbors into consideration,” Davis said.

The annexation will not require a referendum, as no registered voters live within the area’s boundaries. The area is divided by North Druid Hills Road.

Brookhaven also is looking at logistics.

The annexation would require Brookhaven to hire five more police officers and another code enforcement officer, according to the report.

The cost for the additional police would be $583,000, while the cost for the extra code enforcement officer is $100,000. According to the report, the city has notified the annexation applicants that they would need to advance the funds to pay for the police officers. The funds include both manpower and equipment.

DeKalb County would continue to provide water, sewer and fire services for the annexed area as it also does for Brookhaven. The report also said no increase in cost was expected for general administration services.

A vote on the proposed annexation could take place following a second read of the annexation ordinance at City Hall on Nov. 20 at 7 p.m. That meeting will be preceded by a first read and public hearing on Nov. 18 at 7 p.m.

To view the full service report, visit the city’s website at

Executive Park (blue) and Children’s Healthcare of Georgia (yellow) are requesting annexation into Brookhaven (white).

Ann Marie Quill

Ann Marie Quill is Associate Editor at Reporter Newspapers.