Dunwoody Police Chief Billy Grogan

New command staff for the Dunwoody Police Department will include two additional majors and a lieutenant next year, Police Chief and Acting City Manager Billy Grogan told residents during a Nov. 6 community meeting, hosted by District 2 Council members Lynn Deutsch and Jim Riticher.

A group of about 50 people attended the meeting, during which the council members and city officials answered questions posed via email. One of the questions raised concerned Dunwoody’s planned command staff additions.

Two majors will oversee the operations of the police department, Grogan said, allowing the lieutenants to be on the road while managing officers.

“A lot of the [current] lieutenant’s time, unfortunately, is doing administrative work or managing a project or something like that, and not on the road as much as they need to be,” Grogan said.

The other position to be added is a lieutenant position. Grogan said the department needs to divide up the workload. “Right now the police department has one lieutenant to oversee administration and investigation, and so this lieutenant will split those duties because they’re pretty disparate duties,” Grogan

The new lieutenant will go on investigations, and half that person’s time will be responsible for homeland security, he said. “Making sure we stay prepared for things like the snow storms or other hazardous events, or if something bad happens in the community.”

Grogan said meetings with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency allow the police department to stay “up to speed,” but the lieutenant, who works nights, attends these meetings. “Again, a guy that we need on the road does that job, and so his time is split, so he has to come in a lot in the daytime to go to those meetings and not be on the shift,” Grogan said.

“How much has crime increased or decreased to necessitate these officers?” Pat Eubank asked Grogan.

Crime has gone up and down since Dunwoody has been a city, Grogan said, adding that part one crime, which are the major crimes tracked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has gone up.

“That includes murder, rape, armed robbery, aggravated assault—not prostitution,” Grogan said with a smile in response to a resident’s shout-out. “…burglary, motor vehicle theft and larceny.”

This year alone, Dunwoody has seen a 21 percent increase as compared to last year, which is primarily driven by shoplifting, Grogan said.

Shoplifting overall is up about 80 percent, Grogan said. He added that shoplifting isn’t necessarily increasing in terms of people stealing, but that the locations experiencing problems have hired loss prevention agents that are helping police make more arrests.