From police reports dated Oct. 19 through Nov. 1.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

Aggravated Assault

1100 block of Howell Mill Road—On Oct. 31, a man approached a vehicle while it was stopped at a red light and asked the people inside for change. When they told him no, he threw an open beer bottle at the vehicle.

1700 block of Northside Drive—On Oct. 28, a person gave a false name to police after being shot in the kneecap during a fight. A friend transported the wounded person to Piedmont Hospital to receive treatment.

2200 block of Cheshire Bridge Road—A woman accused of stealing was struck with a shoe on the head several times. A co-worker took her to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment of injuries sustained during the assault.


2700 block of Margaret Mitchell Drive—On Oct. 19, a white Toyota stopped front of a man as he was walking down the street listening to his iPhone 4. Two men – one wearing a black mask, the other a camouflage mask — got out of the back of the sedan and approached the man with guns drawn. They ordered him “give them his phone,” which he did. One of the men checked the pedestrian’s pockets and snatched his book bag that contained a wallet, Georgia ID, soccer ball, soccer shoes, Social Security card, and $10. The man then ran back to the other man, waiting at the Toyota, and they drove off at a high rate of speed.

1700 block of Defoor Place—On Oct. 19, a bearded man with a gun walked up the driveway toward a pedestrian and said, “Give me everything you got.” Then the gunman shot the man in the upper portion of his right leg, took his car keys, $200 in cash, a Samsung S4 cellphone and a wallet containing several credit cards. The gunman then went to the back of the building, got into the man’s navy blue 2005 Acura TL and drove off. After the man was shot, he spent 15 to 20 minutes outside of the building talking with the owner and trying to locate a friend. The owner of the building refused to let the wounded man inside, when he tried to enter to find his friend. After several minutes, the man was allowed to go in and he found his friend. The friend drove the wounded man to the back of the building to see if his Acura was still there. The owner of the location eventually phoned 911, but told police officers to respond to a nearby Waffle House.

1600 block of Defoor Avenue—On Oct. 21, a white Nissan Moreno SUV drove toward a woman who was walking to her car. A man holding a weapon with a blue handle in his right hand got out of the SUV and demanded the keys to her car and her personal belongings. She gave him the keys to her 2008 gold Lexus, and he got in her car, drove out of the parking lot and headed north on Defoor Avenue, following the SUV.

1100 block of Collier Road—On Oct. 20, two men with semi-automatic weapons and camouflage face masks approached a man getting out of his car. The men ordered the driver, “Give us your keys and money.” He said his son was in the backseat, and they said him to get his son and give them his wallet. As the man was taking his son from the rear of the car, one of the robbers struck him with the gun. The robbers took the man’s wallet and car.

2900 block of Peachtree—On Oct. 19, surveillance footage captured a man attempting to steal a costume from Party City. He became belligerent and aggressive when approached. “Bet you won’t come outside. No one wants to steal from Party City; I’ll whip your…,” he said. He exited the store with a $35 costume, found a shopping cart in the plaza and slammed it against the door, damaging the frame.

1800 block of Peachtree Road—On Oct. 19, a man entered CVS, concealed a bottle of ointment and started to leave the store. Upon confronting the suspected thief, he put his hand in his backpack and revealed what appeared to be a handle or barrel of a pistol and said, “I will shoot you.” The man continued out, and walked southbound on Peachtree Street.

400 block of Bishop Street—On Oct. 23, a woman got out of her car in a parking lot and began gathering her personal belongings, when a man wearing a ski mask came up behind her, cursed at her and said, “Don’t scream.” “Take everything,” she said. “Yeah, give me everything,” the masked man said. When he became distracted, she began to walk away from the car, toward a dark alley. A few moments later, another man, with a gun, ran up and said, “What else you got!” The man who initially robbed her said, “I already checked her,” and the second would-be robber left the woman alone, and rejoined a group of men. One man left in the woman’s white BMW X5 and the other left dark-colored Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The BMW X5 was placed on the police system as stolen at 11:01 p.m. and officers from Atlanta’s Zone 4 followed the BMX X5 until it crashed at 1561 South Gordon. The driver was located and immediately arrested.

3200 block of Peachtree Road—On Oct. 25, as two people entered the elevator at Hyatt Place from the lobby, a man stepped into the elevator behind them, holding the door to the elevator open. He threatened to shoot them with a handgun, and demanded their money. After robbing the two people, the gunman ordered them to hit the button to the fourth floor. They rode the elevator up to the fourth floor, where the gunman got off.

900 block of Canterbury Road—On Oct. 21, A man pulled a small black and silver handgun on a woman as she was getting something from the back seat of her car. “Give me everything you have,” he said. When she said she didn’t have anything, he began pushing her in the direction of her open car door. She said she began to fight back and make some noise. During the struggle, another car was coming through the gate and she said she believed the suspect got scared and ran through the complex toward Lenox Road.

1100 block of Woodland Avenue—On Oct. 25, three men in a newer model Toyota Camry robbed a man at gunpoint. One man “touched” a handgun to the man’s back and yelled “Police don’t move; let me see your ID,” while a second man tazed him in the left side. The gunmen took the man’s white Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone and a $600 check.

2400 block of Marietta Boulevard—On Oct. 28, two men entered a package store, one picked up a six-pack of beer and they went to the counter. Both men drew guns and demanded cash. One man fired two shots in the store as a warning when the cashier didn’t respond quickly enough. The cashier gave the men about $1,200 in small bills. An off-duty officer said he saw three men run and get into a grey four-door car with a “drive-out tag.”

2400 block of Camellia Lane—On Oct. 26, an unknown caller said his name was “Anton” when he called the Magic City club. When the man who took the call returned home, a man knocked on the door and said, “This is Anton,” when the resident asked who was there. When the door opened, “Anton” pulled out a gun and said, “I don’t want to have to shoot anybody so give me everything you got.” The robbers took $2,500 out of the resident’s pocket, four Apple iPhone’s, a Compaq laptop, clothes, shoes, hats, car keys to both a 2008 blue Mercedes and a 2002 red Honda Accord, house keys, two Diesel watches, four pieces of jewelry, a black wallet containing $25, insurance cards and a Georgia driver’s license. One resident was forced to lie flat on the ground while his feet were tied with a neck tie and his hands tied with a blue cord behind his back. The second person, who was in a wheelchair, had hands tied with a blue cord.

Residential Burglary

1100 Huff Road—On Oct. 21, two units in an apartment complex were targeted. A front door was kicked in and a 47-inch 3D television, a 32-inch flat screen television, a PlayStation, a Kindle Fire, a pair of Prada sunglasses, a Comcast cable box and an Apple television were taken from one unit. A 60-inch television, a Blu-Ray player, an Apple iPad, a laptop, a Gucci purse and an engraved 2011 Boston Bruins Championship ring were stolen from a second apartment unit.

500 block of West Paces Ferry Road— Workers notified a woman that the rear kitchen window was pried and the garage door was found open in a vacant residence. A jumpsuit was missing from the garage and an LG refrigerator, washer and dryer were taken from inside the house.

150 block of Peachtree Battle—On Oct. 22, a burglary was reported with forced entry to the front door and the house ransacked. A Dell laptop, an Apple MacBook Pro laptop, a hunting bow, a Sig Sauer P1230 handgun, assorted silver dishes, a Nikon D3100 camera, an Apple iPhone, two Apple iPads and assorted jewelry items were taken.

2900 block of Pharr Court South—On Oct. 25, a man in his apartment called 911 after noticing items out of place in his apartment when he returned home. A Rolex wrist watch and $300 in cash were taken from a nightstand. The burglar removed items from a wooden box and arranged them on the bedroom floor.

300 block of Valley Brook Drive—On Oct. 23, a woman called 911 after entering her house and hearing a loud bang. The back door was damaged and two upstairs doors were unlocked. A pair of pearl earrings was taken.

700 block of Morningside Drive—On Oct. 21, a side window in a bathroom was broken and a Nikon digital SLR camera, a Nikon D90 camera, a camcorder and a wallet that contained a driver’s license, credit cards and two Mac computers were taken.

1300 block of Mount Paran Road—On Oct. 28, an Apple iPad was taken from a house where the front door was kicked in.

100 block of Blackland Road—On Oct. 31, a worker discovered damage to the garage door frame in a house that was under construction. Several toolboxes and tools were stolen.

3500 block of Roswell Road—On Oct. 26, a Rolex Daytona, Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Cartier Roadster, Cartier Ronde, Hublot and a white ceramic wrist watch were taken from a case in the upstairs bedroom. The patio and front door were found open when the resident returned home.

3300 block of Chatham NW—On Oct. 30, a woman reported a 42-inch television stolen from her home.

3600 block of N Stratford Road—On Oct. 27, a black Trek bike was taken from the basement area and two MacBook pro laptops, a MacBook laptop and a Vizio TV were taken from the main living space inside a residence.

2300 block of Parkland Drive—A burglary was discovered when maintenance people came to perform work at Sorelle Apartments. The front door was damaged and a Samsung 46-inch television, a PlayStation 3, 10 games and a controller were taken.

1600 block of Sussex Road—An Apple MacBook Air and a hard drive were stolen from the living room area of a house. The side front window was broken.

Commercial Burglary

400 block of Broadland Road—The shed door was discovered open and a backpack blower, power edge trimmer, a line attachment weed eater and an edger were taken.

1400 block of Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard—On Oct. 20, police responded to an alarm call and discovered a blue-and-yellow handle Phillips screwdriver on the floor with the broken glass and a damaged alarm box. Three Apple computers and a Wacom monitor were taken. Surveillance footage shows two suspects wearing white masks and gloves entered the premises from the front door, damaged the alarm box, smashed the inside glass door and then left carrying the items to their vehicle.

1300 block of Collier Road NW—The center manager for a food service company returned from vacation and noticed two cameras disabled. Surveillance video from another camera showed three people with faces covered, loading three hand-trucks with boxes of chicken and steak on three different occasions. Burglars entered through a trailer backed to the loading dock, and the manager believes he recognized one of the burglars as a former employee, who was fired for stealing from the company.

200 block of Colonial Homes Drive—On Oct. 22, several stackable Whirlpool washers, dryers and refrigerators were taken from condos under construction.

1300 block of Northside Drive—On Oct. 24, the lock on a public storage unit was pried open with a crowbar and a PlayStation 3, five video games, four DVDs and 3,000 playing cards used for magic tricks were taken.

2400 block of Bolton Road—A public storage unit that had not been visited in nine months was burglarized. Employees notified the owner after noticing that the storage unit didn’t have a lock. When the owner came to the location, he discovered a sofa sectional, two AC units, a coffee table, a sewing machine and a power surge cord missing.

1400 block of Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard—On Oct. 26, police officers responded to an alarm at a business, and found several computer monitors on the floor along with associated cabling and keyboards. The owner reports 27 Apple computers and Wacom tablets were missing. Video surveillance shows five men entering the business by forcing open the door. They returned to the location three times before leaving the office complex. The location was broken into on Oct. 20.

Auto Theft

400 block of Pineland Road—On Oct. 20, a 1997 white work truck was stolen. The owner saw a man dressed in a white T-shirt taking his truck. The keys were left underneath the driver’s floor mat. An Xmark 36-inch Hydrostatic mower, a Stihl trimmer, weed eater, edger, three cell phones and four backpack sprayers were also taken.

2200 block of Dunseath Avenue—On Oct. 20, a black 2010 Ford Fusion was stolen from the parking lot of an apartment complex . The owner noticed his car was missing when he went outside to walk his dog. The car was recovered the same day at 180 Harriet Street after it was towed.