The new map for LaVista Hills. Click to enlarge.

The Lakeside and Briarcliff cityhoood initiatives in North DeKalb have fully merged under the new name of LaVista Hills, according to a press release sent to media this morning. If created, the city will be the largest in DeKalb County with approximately 72,000 residents.

“Cityhood is about giving communities and citizens a choice,” said Mary Kay Woodworth, formerly of Lakeside. “We have spoken at well over a hundred community meetings in the last two years, and we continue to listen and respond to what residents and businesses tell us and to community’s desires. We are thankful to our volunteers and appreciate the continued community support and input shaping the new city’s vision.”

“I’m happy to see that Briarcliff and Lakeside could meet the House Governmental Affairs committee imposed deadline and look forward to helping them with their bill when they get to the Senate,” State Sen. Fran Millar (SD-40).

A three-party agreement with the Tucker 2015 cityhood movement was unsuccessful by the Nov. 15 deadline.

“We have made multiple offers to the Tucker cityhood movement and we’re still hopeful we can reach agreement on the boundaries,” said Allen Venet, formerly of the City of Briarcliff Initiative. “After merging the vision of Lakeside and Briarcliff, and presenting neighborhood survey and petition preference input to Tucker, we are disappointed that the groups were unable to reach an agreement by the November 15th deadline.”

In the coming weeks the combined group will continue work towards readying LaVista Hills for the 2015 legislative session.