The Brookhaven City Council on Nov. 18 approved its Comprehensive Plan 2034.

“We are excited to have this first ever city of Brookhaven comprehensive plan,” Susan Canon, community development director, said, calling it a “20-year blueprint” for city planning.

A highlight of the plan is a character area map with that focuses on 13 areas of the city and their long-term use. The plan calls for maintaining the character of eight residential areas and looking at five community activity areas that could benefit from mixed-use developments.

This “hits home to exactly what we think Brookhaven is about,” said Mayor J. Max Davis, referencing the character areas.

City Manager Marie Garrett said the plan will offer citizens predictability about what to expect from the city, and that she looks forward to some of the items in the plan being included in the 2015 budget.

Ann Marie Quill

Ann Marie Quill is Associate Editor at Reporter Newspapers.

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