A divided Sandy Springs City Council approved a plan to build 15 homes on Mitchell Road.

The council split 4-2 on the proposal, which drew opposition from neighbors who wanted to see no more than 14 homes built in the 5-acre subdivision at 5950 Mitchell Road.

“The neighborhoods around us are universally opposed to 15 houses,” resident Nelson Kramer, who lives on Mitchell Road, told council members at their Nov. 18 meeting.

Hal Whiteman, who lives nearby on Manchester Place, told council members the neighborhood had originally wanted only 13 homes on the property, but had agreed to endorse 14. But the developer, he said, would not agree to reduce the number. “The point is density,” Whiteman said. “Throughout the city, people are concerned about developers coming to the city and pushing the limits as far as they can.”

Councilman Tibby DeJulio, who voted against the proposal along with Councilman Graham McDonald, said he opposed the project because the reason given for not reducing the number of homes was “the seller needed this much money.” “I think that when you negotiate, you should negotiate,” he said.

But other council members said they didn’t understand why a failure to agree over one house should stop the development. “We have a neighborhood saying, ‘Hold the line at 14.’ I don’t know how you negotiate from 15 to 14. I really don’t,” said Councilman Andy Bauman said. “We’re talking about a single home here.”