Berea Thornton
Berea Thornton

Berea Thornton

Senior, Riverwood International Charter School

Riverwood International Charter School senior Berea Thornton’s passion for art started at an early age.

“I have always loved art and I have always been determined to become an artist when I grow up,” Berea said. “Art is a great way for me to express my thoughts and feelings, and share what’s on my mind without having to say it. It’s a way for me to show my perspective on what I see and hear around me.”

This summer, Berea shared her talent with a global audience when a panel of judges, through the National Arts Program-sponsored Second Annual Airport Employee Art Competition, selected one of her drawings for display in Hartsfield-Jackson Airport’s International Concourse. She was eligible because her father works for Delta Airlines. Berea’s piece was ultimately awarded the first-place ribbon.

The award-winning drawing developed out of an AP World History project on the Cambodian Revolution.

“The artwork started as just a simple visual component of a single girl for a project,” Berea said. “After that was completed, I felt compelled to finish the picture in a way that would bring the idea of revolution, war and some of the main resulting factors — division, isolation and despair. I decided to add the chain link fence as it symbolizes all three ideas when coupled with the girl.”

Berea’s hard work has not gone unnoticed by her teachers.

“Berea is an extremely talented and industrious young artist,” said Berea’s art teacher John Horne. “She is able to consistently bring high energy to her projected goals but never at the expense of her imagination fueling her creativity. Her works develop in a wholly organic manner, oftentimes pleasantly surprising herself and her instructors. Berea is a wonderful addition to the chemistry of any studio class.”

Berea hopes to turn her love for art into a career in the fashion industry; she has been interested in fashion since age five, when she observed her uncle designing t-shirts.

“Berea has told me she is interested in pursuing a career in fashion design and I have no doubts that she will put her heart and soul into this career choice,” said another of Berea’s art teachers, Dana Munson. “I am expecting to see her on Project Runway one day, and I am hoping for my shout-out.”

What’s Next:

Berea plans to double major in Fashion Design and Psychology while continuing to take studio art classes to pursue a fashion career.

This article was written by Catherine Benedict, a student at The Westminster Schools.