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With the winter holidays approaching, it’s time for the King of Pops’ staff to fold up their trademark rainbow umbrellas and put on elf booties. This winter marks the third year for Nick and Steven Carse’s Christmas tree delivery side venture, Tree Elves.

Costumed elves deliver Frazier Fir trees in three different sizes – small (4-5’), medium (6-7’), and large (8-9’) along with an assortment of holiday-flavored pops like eggnog, white chocolate peppermint, and fruitcake. The trees come from the Cheeks Brothers Tree Farm near Boone, NC to your Intown home, apartment, or business.

This year, the trees will be fresh cut instead of potted, a change made in response to customer demand for larger trees that required pots weighing in excess of 300 pounds. And when the holiday is over, the elves will return and collect the trees for recycling.

“Once the elves collect your tree, they’ll bring them to our farm. There we’ll grind the trees up for compost to enrich the soil we use to grow fruit for our pops,” explained Nick Carse. And, for each Christmas tree sold, the eco-conscious brothers will plant a Georgia native tree (such as eastern red cedar) at their farm.

Last May, Nick and Steven Carse purchased a 68-acre property that included a commercial nursery located about 15 minutes west of Six Flags Over Georgia in Douglas County. “Our nursery, Turtle Brook Nursery, is already growing and selling Georgia natives under the guidance of Peter Calabrese and Cooper Starr, formerly with Trees Atlanta,” Nick shared.

Unfortunately, Georgia’s climate isn’t conducive for growing Christmas trees. Luckily, many of the ingredients of your favorite pops do thrive here. So, the brothers are in the process of cultivating a farm on the property to grow berries, melons and herbs for their frozen treats. Last month, they planted 10,000 strawberry plants. They will also experiment with raising figs, pomegranate and kiwi.

The Carse brothers keep finding green ways to operate and expand. They compost King of Pops fruit waste from their Inman Park kitchen on the farm and long-term envision community gardens and children’s programs.

This holiday season – if you want the convenience of a Christmas tree delivery and pick up, environmentally friendly reuse of your tree, and crave holiday pops – Nick and Steven Carse hope you’ll choose Tree Elves.

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Collin Kelley

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