On officer with the Dunwoody Police Department on Nov. 23 posted on the Facebook Page about being dispatched to a welfare check of what was reported as a homeless man in a wheel chair.

“As I drove to the area all I could think of ‘this is not a day for someone to be out walking let alone in a wheel chair’ since it had been raining since I got up this morning at 03:00 hours,” the officer writes.

Upon arrival, the officer noticed a white vehicle stopped with its flashers on.

“As I radioed in that I was on scene, I saw the person I was sent to check on working slowly to get into the vehicle,” he wrote. “The driver of the vehicle came up to me and said that the gentleman needed some help so I decided to give him a hand. As a law enforcement officer for nearly fifteen years, I could not recall anyone ever stopping to help out a fellow human being or displaying such a random act of kindness that I witnessed today.”

Since its posting on Nov. 23, the Facebook post has accumulated 665 “likes” and twelve “shares.”