Construction is slated to start next summer on the Abernathy Greenway linear park’s south side. At a Nov. 19 public meeting, residents chimed in on what they would like to see incorporated in the park.

“I like a trail that has lights,” said resident Lisa Clavin, who also suggested a security camera and identification signs for native trees and plants for students to read during school field trips.

She also suggested a water feature to block out the traffic noise. Clavin said she didn’t want to see restrooms or parking spaces.

Bill Cleveland said lights would bring a “sense of security” to the park. “If you’re at Brandon Mill and Abernathy, and look toward Roswell Road, it’s awfully dark,” he said.

And Carolyn Jordan said she’d like to see the “really pretty stonework” on the park’s north side continued on the south side.

Sandy Springs Parks Director Ronnie Young addressed the crowd gathered at Sandy Springs City Hall to give a time for the 14-acre park’s design and construction.

He said that preliminary designs will be presented to the City Council in December, with final plans presented in February or early March, at which time his department will make a request for funding. Then, in May or June a request for proposals for a construction company will go out, with work starting in July.

The park stretches from Brandon Mill and Johnson Ferry roads to near Roswell Road, across Abernathy Road from park’s north side, which opened in July and features “playable art.”

Young described the future park as more “passive,” with natural areas, stream restoration and areas to rest. He went over some of the features that have already been requested by residents, including visual and sound buffers from the road. “This could be vegetation,” he said.

Additional features that have been requested include low-maintenance landscaping, safe community access, access from the Provence North apartment complex and Mimms shopping center, benches, fitness stations, trash cans, bike racks and creek crossings.

“I think some of those things may be very difficult to include, not a lot, but two or three or four [of the requested features],” he said, including a request for added parking at the nearby Arts Center.

The park stretches from Brandon Mill Road to near Roswell Road.

Ann Marie Quill

Ann Marie Quill is Associate Editor at Reporter Newspapers.