They cracked jokes, they answered calls, and they engaged citizens during Black Friday. Dunwoody Police, @DunwoodyPolice on Twitter, continued its #DPDcalls tradition on Black Friday. The social media experiment started in 2011, when the department had 1,200 Twitter followers.

Three years later, Dunwoody Police Department has 6,772 Twitter followers and continues to tweet its calls.

Grogan said in 2011 that the Twitter Page took two years to grow to 1,200 followers and got to 2,000 within a week of the Tweet-a-thon. The initial reasons for the social sharing weren’t about building self-confidence for the officers on Twitter. Grogan said he wanted to show the community what Dunwoody police officers do.

“One was to educate the community about what we do and give them a snapshot in a day in the life of the Dunwoody Police Department,” Grogan said in 2011. “The second thing was about transparency and building trust. We really try to let people know what we’re doing and what’s going on which helps build trust in the community. And the last is, we hoped through this effort we could add followers to our Twitter account to have even more impact in the community.”

Check out some of the tweets posted on behalf of the department by Officer Stallings and Officer Sillah using #DPDcalls via Storify or visit Twitter and search #DPDcalls.