Kingston Handley

Kingston Handley, a junior at Chamblee Charter High School, attributes his love for his community to the Boys & Girls Club of Brookhaven.

As the recipient of the Brookhaven Clubs 2014 Teen of the Year Award and part of the Boys and Girls Club College Bound program, Kingston has been a part of a wide range of activities that have helped shape him from a young boy to a confident leader in his community.

While speaking to him about his creation and involvement with “Passport To Manhood,” a program that targets young boys at the transition from middle school to high school to teach them about making responsible and healthy decisions, Kingston said he was excited about being an example to the boys.

“The kids can look up to me, and I love helping people out,” he said.

Ziggy Asfaw, executive director of the club, said he has observed Kingston grow up and blossom into the dedicated, ambitious individual he is today. “I have all the trust in the world for [Kingston’s] ‘just go and do’ [attitude], ” he said.

Going and doing is just what Kingston sounds ready for. After having the experience with the College Bound Program, Kingston spent the summer as a paid intern for KPMG LLP, a tax firm in Atlanta, learning about accounting and tax auditing. This internship offered experience, networking and real life affirmation for his interest in forensic accounting.

Kingston explained that this opportunity gave him the chance to really set his interest in this as a career – with his ultimate goal of working for the FBI.

After spending so much time leading activities, engaging members of the clubs and volunteering, Kingston said, “I don’t really see volunteering as volunteering anymore, it’s just something fun to do.”

What’s Next:

Kingston hopes to attend Syracuse University, a school he says values community service and leadership.

This article was written by Sara Wren, a student at the Atlanta International School.