From police reports dated Nov. 23 through Nov. 29.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

Aggravated Assault (3 total)

1900 block of Moores Mill Road—On Nov. 24, a person was found lying on the side of the Maxi Emission Station with a gunshot wound. A witness told police that the shooter drove away in a green Silverado, but later refused to cooperate with police, telling the officer he “would tell him later.”

1600 block of Northside Drive—On Nov. 26, a man got out of his car to smoke a cigarette when a man wearing a black hoodie walked up behind him and pointed a silver pistol, demanding “lay down on the ground.” The man moved to the rear of his car and got on the ground. The man with a gun said, “I’m going to shoot you,” but he did not make demands for property or anything else. A PT Cruiser pulled up next to the gunman, and the gunman got in and the car drove north on Northside Drive.

200 block of Ardmor NW—On Nov. 27, a man awoke to being punched in the face by his boyfriend because the boyfriend thought the man was cheating on him. The punched man had injuried to his face and hands, and had a tooth broken. The boyfriend was arrested.

Robbery (2 total)

3300 block of Peachtree Road—On Nov. 28, a man with a silver handgun followed a woman as she opened the back office door at Old Navy. He said to someone working on a computer in the office, “Don’t move. Give me all the money in the safe.” The employees placed money inside a tote bag, and the gunman ordered them to disable the fire alarm on the rear door and then lie down in the corridor. The man stole $10,000.

900 block of East Paces Ferry Road—On Nov. 24, two men pulled up in a silver four-door sedan and got out. One of the men put his hands over a pedestrian’s mouth and took her purse and Target bag. She fought back by biting his hand and pushing his face. Both men ran back to their car with the woman’s purse and orange Fanta soda.

Residential Burglary (11 total)

1900 block of Hollywood Road—On Nov.24, the resident came home and found a man in the apartment. They struggled, but the burglar broke free and jumped a fence to get away. A screen had been removed and the bedroom window was open.

2000 block of Main Street—On Nov. 26, a ground floor glass door was opened and two television wall mounts were damaged, and a 42-inch Samsung flat screen television and an iPad were taken.

1900 block of Brantley Walk Lane—On Nov. 26, police responded to an audible alarm call where they noticed no lights on and a damaged double door in the back. A resident said nothing was taken from the house.

2500 block of Church Street—On Nov. 28, a front door was forced open and the alarm system was detached from the wall. A 50-inch Sony television in the box, a 50-inch Haier television, a MacBook Pro, PlayStation4, Xbox 360, 17-inch Ansus laptop and a Blu-Ray player were taken.

2000 block of Main Street—On Nov. 27, a previously damaged and boarded door was pulled away from the frame. A broken screwdriver was found near a television mount. Three televisions, a Nintendo Wii, iPad2, money order, steak knives and three watches were taken.

700 block of Huff Road—On Nov. 28, a hole was punched above the rear door deadbolt and a 55-inch television and a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes were taken. A second burglary took place in the same complex where a Sony LED flat-screen television, an iPad, two MacBook Pro laptops, a Dell computer, an iPod touch and some currency was taken.

2800 block of Dover Road—On Nov. 23, police responded to an audible alarm and found a broken basement door window and an awe with a broken handle lying near the door. Nothing was taken.

2200 block of Peachtree Road—On Nov. 26, a Nintendo Wii and an Apple iPad were taken from a residence.

900 East Paces Ferry Road—The residents returned home to find their items pushed into a pile in the middle of the room and the walls painted. A Nintendo PS4 and a Sony Vaio laptop were missing.

2500 block of Morosgo Place—On Nov. 23, someone broke a window while the resident was inside.

Commercial Burglary (3 total)

3500 block of Northside Parkway—On Nov. 27, an interior office door was forced open and drawers were opened. The roof hatch was left unsecured and the alarm wires were damaged and removed. A safe used for money was pried from the floor and the manager estimates more than $8,000 was taken with the safe.

1900 block of Monroe Drive—On Nov. 26, two laptops and a 32-inch flat-screen television were taken.

800 block of Lambert Drive—On Nov. 23, police responded to an audible alarm and found forced entry to a door, damage to an interior maintenance room door and the security system panel was removed from the wall. A vehicle jack, computer keyboard and a black crowbar were found on the floor. A Dell laptop and 37 Apple computers were taken.

Auto Theft (6 total)

2900 block of Peachtree Road—On Nov. 25, a gray 2009 Acura RDX was reported stolen from the parking lot at Barnes and Noble. A woman discovered her purse, which contained her car keys and credit cards, was missing shortly after a man distracted her by asking if her jacket was on the ground.

2000 block of Peachtree Road—On Nov. 23, a black 2000 Honda Accord was stolen from the parking lot at Sunoco when the driver left it running and entered the store.

2100 block of Peachtree Road—A black 2015 Ford Mustang was reported stolen when not returned to Enterprise Rent-A-Car as agreed.

2300 block of Piedmont Road—An attempt to steal a white 2000 Ford Explorer from the parking lot at Pep Boys was reported. The window was busted and the dash radio was taken. The damaged steering column was found on the ground.

1900 block of Piedmont Road—On Nov. 23, a white 2002 Chevy Impala was reported stolen.

400 block of Armour Drive—On Nov. 26, a blue 2005 Dodge Caravan was reported stolen from the parking deck at an apartment complex.


Between Nov. 23 and Nov. 29, 37 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 44 reports of other larcenies, including shoplifting, were made.