Attorney Den Webb gives a presentation to the Dunwoody Homeowners Association on Dec. 7 about a 40-unit townhouse development project proposed by Providence Group for Old Spring House Lane.

Two proposals for new townhomes met very different reactions when developers presented their plans to members of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association on Dec. 7.

The first project, which would develop 81 townhomes at 1530 Dunwoody Village Parkway, met sharp criticism.

Residents said the proposal didn’t fit the neighborhood and challenged it as creating “cookie-cutter” townhomes. “The product is unsatisfactory for this type of project,” resident Bob Lunsten said.

Lawyer Den Webb, representing the developer of the second project, said the development would add 40 three-story townhomes on Old Springhouse Lane.

Webb said the project would conform to the look and feel of other Dunwoody projects and would be faced with brick, stone and masonry materials.

As he introduced Providence Group President Warren Jolly, Webb said many in the audience probably knew him and the work his company has done in Dunwoody Village Parkway, which is near the townhome plan that had been criticized.

The audience erupted into laughter, clapping for his proposal.

“And with that, I conclude my presentation,” Webb joked, before describing the location and proposal of the project to include an application to rezone and a variance request.

Jolly said he considers himself a “lifestyle provider” and assured residents he planned for gated entryways, a 12-foot multi-use trail, guest parking and other amenities.

“The message is, we’re down-zoning this site,” Webb said. “It’s probably more in keeping with what people want to see.”

The property sits directly behind the Georgetown Shopping Center, sharing its southern boundary with the rear of the Kroger grocery store.

The proposals are scheduled to go before the Planning Commission on Jan. 13, City Planner Rebecca Keefer said in a memo.

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