The following incidents and arrests are some but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police from Dec. 6 through Dec. 22.

The following information was provided by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate. Snarky comments courtesy of Capt. Steve Rose.


5501 Glenridge Drive—On Dec. 14, a man called 911 around 2:30 p.m., telling the operator that three men robbed him of $6,000 inside his apartment. The man said he was with a friend and two females, when he was awakened by three men who had a silver gun. They ransacked the apartment and, while doing so, the man ran from the apartment without the benefit of clothing. Therefore—SSPD received a 911 call of a naked man running and yelling “call the police.” The three men left in an older model silver Nissan.


4000 block of Jett Road—On Dec. 7, a resident reported that he had several work tools taken from his garage.

8600 Roberts Drive—On Dec. 8, a resident notified an apartment maintenance employee she heard glass breaking around 8 a.m. He went to the apartment location and found a man walking from the location carrying electronic items. He yelled at the man, who fled after dropping the items. Police found a broken bedroom window which was the point of entry.

400 block of Granite Ridge Place—On Dec. 8, a man returned to his apartment after taking his dog out for a walk and found a local homeless man, named “Dread.” A 3rd Edition Samsung table and $10 cash were stolen.

8400 block of Roswell Road—On Dec. 9, after relocating following a fire, a resident found that someone accessed his damaged apartment and took several personal items.

3400 block of Treelodge Parkway—On Dec. 14, a resident said he returned home and found that several items were missing from his apartment. A MacBook, PS3 and some other clothing items were taken.

1600 block of Treelodge Parkway—On Dec. 14, a resident said she called Atlanta Gas to fix a furnace. In the meantime, the apartment maintenance staff delivered two space heaters for her. Shortly after, she said she discovered several items taken from her bedroom area.

5900 block of Brookgreen Drive—On Dec. 15, someone forced a storage shed open and took a Poulan Pro Gas Blower.

4600 block of Mystic Drive—On Dec. 15, a resident reported several items were taken from his garage.

500 block of Calibre Springs Way—On Dec. 15, a resident reported that someone entered his apartment through a bedroom window that was forced and broken. Two laptops, a PS4 video game system, AR-15 rifle and ammo were taken.


6600 block of Brandon Mill Road—On Dec. 7, a man said he received a ride home from a cabbie working for “Uber.” They arrived around 2:30 a.m. He got out of the car and realized he had left his phone, possibly in the car. They called the number and heard it ringing—from the car. The driver refused to let them search and drove off. The phone was since tracked to Covington, Ga.

No address reported—A Home Depot employee reported that he watched two women take LED lights, stash them in a purse and walk out. He also watched them meet up on an aisle with a man, before they left. The man had a cart with items in it, but he abandoned it in another aisle and then met the two women in the parking lot. They left in a Chevy Caprice.

Mt. Vernon Oaks—On Dec. 9, a resident that around 5 p.m. someone swiped a UPS box delivered to his address. The box contained clothing valued at $246.

4700 block of Powers Ferry Road—On Dec. 10, a builder reported that someone stole an exterior AC unit from a home he is building on Powers Ferry Road. It was one of three units and valued at $2600.

Mt. Vernon—An employee of the Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Founder’s Campus said she left her purse in one of the classrooms and walked to another classroom to meet with students. Shortly after, she got a call from her bank’s fraud unit asking if she made a $40 charge on her credit card. She went back to the classroom and found that someone had gone into her purse.

335 Hammond Drive—On Dec. 13, just before 3 a.m., a security guard monitoring cctv, observed a car enter the parking lot, circle it twice and then stop. She walked to the location and found a man inside another car in the lot. The man fled to his car and left. She then found damage to the car in what was an attempted theft. No property was taken.

4735 Roswell Road—On Dec. 13, a man reported his red 1995 Acura was stolen overnight.

1800 block of Spring Creek Lane—On Dec. 13, a woman said she and her friend went out for the night. Before doing so, she placed her wedding ring in a plastic bag leaving them in her purse inside the apartment. On return to her friend’s apartment, she went to sleep in the guest bedroom. Her friend was with a man she met on a dating website. The man left about 3 a.m. When the victim woke, she discovered the rings were gone. They believe the man took them.

6100 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road—On Dec. 14, the manager of the Comfort Suites reported that a man came into the hotel and obtained food meant for guests only. The man then took the elevator to the third floor and, on camera, it appeared he was trying to get into several rooms via the magnetic card. He was able to get into Room 314. The officers arrived and knocked on the door. The man answered saying “I’m checking out in five minutes.” They announced who they were and opened the door. The man was taken into custody. The hotel staff said the man has been in the hotel before and has stolen guest meals before. He was with loitering, disorderly conduct and theft of services and jailed.

South Battery Place—On Dec. 15, a woman reported that she noticed several pieces of jewelry missing. She suspected the cleaning ladies who were still at the location when the cops arrived. They said they did not take the items. There was nothing there to show they did, so no charges were filed.

8000 block of Habersham Waters Road—On Dec. 16, a man called and said that he was in his home office and saw UPS deliver a package at his door. He did not immediately go to the door to get the package. A few minutes later, he saw a man walk away from his door and realized the man had his package. When confronted, the man ran and got into a Dodge vehicle and drove away. The package contained magazines.

5645 Roswell Road—On Dec. 16, a woman was inside the Citgo paying for items when she placed her Samsung galaxy S5 phone on the counter. She walked back to her car and remembered she left her phone. She walked back in and noticed a man walking out. She saw that her phone was gone so she ran to the man’s car and asked if he had her phone. The man said “no” and sped off.

Theft from Vehicles

 7447 Roswell Road—On Dec. 6, a wallet and cash were taken.

6881 Roswell Road—On Dec. 7, a .45-caliber Tarsus Gun, work keys and $5 were taken.

280 Hilderbrand Drive—On Dec. 7, a laptop was taken.

5600 Roswell Road—On Dec. 8, an Apple MacBook laptop, Go Pro Camera and bag were taken.

6390 Roswell Road—On Dec. 8, an LL Bean Briefcase, Dell Laptop, leather briefcase and HP laptop were taken.

1155 Mt. Vernon Highway—On Dec. 8, a Ruger .308 hunting rifle with scope was taken.

6558 Roswell Road—On Dec. 8, a tailgate to a 2008 Ford pickup was taken.

6317 of Roswell Road—On Dec. 10, a MacBook Pro, Michael Kors suitcase, clothing and makeup were taken.


A woman reported someone used her personal information to open an account with Scana Energy on West View Drive in Atlanta. She found out when the collection call was made to her.

A man came into the Costco on Dec. 6 and received a new membership. He then purchased two Sony PS4 game systems with an American Express card. He came back later and bought a 60-inch TV. The following day a woman came in with the same membership card and bought two PS4’s and a desktop computer. She picked up the computer but apparently got nervous and left without picking up the PS4s. The man then came in with the receipts wanting the two PS4’s. The loss prevention employee, who found this transaction to be suspicious, asked for the American Express card to verify the status (stolen or not.) He also asked for the man’s ID, which was a fraudulent Florida ID. The man responded by refusing and then fleeing to a white Escalade and off they went. They were pulled over minutes later. The card appeared to have been cloned, but the number for toll free contact to American Express said only that they were open Monday through Friday. The man was released, but the card was kept until verification can be done.

A man on Hope Road said he received a call from the IRS saying he owed a lot of money, but if he paid $1,325 on Dec. 15 that would cover half. The victim said the man had enough of his personal information to convince him it was legit so per instructions, he went to the Kroger and got Green Dot debit cards and provided the agent, “Mr. Wilkins,” with the numbers. He later called the number listed in Maryland, and said he “received a lack of cooperation leading me to think this was a fraud.”


8331 Roswell Road—On Dec. 9, a fight-call was placed just after 4 p.m. in the Kroger parking lot off Northridge Road. A man was lying in the parking lot and appeared to have been beaten. The beaten man, who was semi-conscious, said he remembered nothing. A witness said he saw two men in a black 2014 Dodge Charger go to a liquor store in the shopping center and then speak with someone in the parking lot. The witness believes there was an argument before the two men left in the Charger. He, however, did not witness the assault. The beaten man was taken to Northside Hospital and is expected to recover.

Abernathy under Ga. 400—On Dec. 10, a man reported that he was riding his bike west on Abernathy, under Ga. 400, when a bronze 2015 Toyota Tundra pickup truck cut in front of him to merge onto Abernathy. In doing so, the truck nearly hit the bicyclist. The truck stopped ahead at a red light. The bike rider rode up to the truck so that the rider “could explain bicycle rider’s rights” to the driver. The bicycle rider pulled up to the passenger side and knocked on the window. The driver pulled and pointed a gun at the bicycle rider, who was knocking on his window. The bike rider retreated and called 9-1-1.

Regardless of how just the cause, don’t put your safety in jeopardy. That was not a smart move. The driver of the truck, although in this case he probably knew what was going on, and he was most definitely a rude driver, could have assumed he was about to get car jacked. Who knows? Grab a tag number and report it but don’t confront someone with so much “road rage” potential.

5932 Roswell Road–On Dec.12, officers arrested a man and charged him with felony shoplifting and obstruction. Officers were alerted to the shoplifting and a unit was on the scene when the man left the Marshalls department store. When the officer confronted the suspect, he refused to follow commands and struggled with the officer until he was secured with handcuffs. More than $700 in electronics and perfume were seized from him. Marshalls employees detained a man who came into the store and took items off the rack. Some of the items he returned with fake or found receipts and others he concealed and left the store without paying. He was arrested and jailed.

6400 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road—On Dec. 16, Home Depot Asset Protection Staff met with officers following an internal investigation on an employee who had been embezzling money from the cash registers since the latter part of November. They found ten separate incidents of the theft where the employee tapped the till for an undisclosed amount of money. Most of the thefts were captured on video. The employee was arrested and jailed.

(People with Really Bad Drug Problems)

Cops were called to the Calibre Springs Apartments just before 10 p.m. regarding a suspicious person. The caller said the man was behind a building and it sounded like he was spray painting as they could hear what sounded like aerosol spray. The cops found man lying next to the AC unit snorting the Freon from the unit. He was, according to the report, showing signs of being impaired. He was arrested.

A man attempted to rob the Kroger at Northridge in the early morning hours of Dec. 21. The failed attempt left the lad penniless and on the run to the nearby wooded area near the Northridge Parkway cut through from Roswell to Dunwoody Place. As officers converged on him, he pulled a weapon and held it to his head. SWAT and negotiators were called in. After about three hours, he gave up and was taken into custody without incident or injury. The gun contained no bullets or magazines to hold bullets.

Other Things

A man reported his ex-girlfriend has been calling and emailing despite the Temporary Restraining Order put out on her.

8763 Roswell Road—A man walked into the BP Station and grabbed a 16-ounce Heineken and walked into the bathroom and started drinking the beer. The beer was recovered 2/3 full and the man was charged with shoplifting.

6280 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road—On Dec. 10, an employee of the Micro Inn and Suites called police around 8 p.m. and said a guest notified him that he had accidentally discharged his gun. The bullet went into the door’s metal plate around the handle and lodged. The guest later met with officers and said the 9mm gun discharged accidentally while he was cleaning it. The guest had a firearm license and was in town for business. No charges were filed.


8800 block of Dunwoody Place—On Dec. 6, officers were called to an apartment just after 1 a.m. They spoke to a man who said another man, whom he allowed to stay with him, was drunk and had threatened him. They found the man who was indeed drunk, shirtless and staggering about the parking lot. The man said he had an argument with the other man and referred to his woman using derogatory language. He was cuffed and put in the back seat where he began to run his mouth, making specific references to the complainant in the form of the following:

“I’m gonna make him pay for it.” The officer reminded the man he was being recorded and to cease making threats. He said, “Oh I’m gonna make threats,” and continued making threats, cursing and at one point threatened, “Make sure you type that when I get out, I am gonna kill….” The arrested man was then charged with Terroristic Threats and Acts.

Ga. 285 West at the river—On Dec. 8, officers received a call around 3:30 a.m. of a Dodge Charger on I-285 near the river. The car, according to witnesses, was swerving and it appeared someone was shooting out of the windows. The officers notified Cobb County Police and later, around 4 a.m., they were contacted by Cobb PD who had a car matching the description on the East-West Connector. SSPD units met with them and interviewed five people in the car. The end result was that a woman in the car fired several 9mm rounds from the car. Cops determined that she acted alone and, although she was not firing at a particular target (like a car), she was acting in a reckless manner. She was arrested.

Trowbridge Road–Loss prevention staff at Publix detained a man who took four small bottles of Moscato wine and stuffed them down his pants before walking out. He was later arrested.